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Best Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Home air quality is something that until recently wasn’t really a big concern on many folks minds. But recent studies into the matter have shown us that the air in our homes is just as dirty as outdoor air. In fact, it’s much dirtier! Are you looking for ways to reduce the amount of dust, dander, and mold spore in your Maryland home air? If so, the experts at GAC Services have some solutions that might interest you.

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Why Is Air Quality so Important?

As we mentioned, home air is actually way, way nastier than any of us really expected. The issue is that allergens like dust, mold, pollen, and even worse, all find their way into our homes, be it through windows, doors, or even your HVAC system. And once all of it gets it, it doesn’t really get out. The result is an endless influx of mess that builds and builds over time.

The result? Increase allergies, feelings of lethargy, headaches, coughing–and the dusting seems to never end. That’s why IAQ is a big deal. Tech has improved, and now there are all kinds of ways to get the healthy, breathable air you deserve.

The Best Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

Let’s start with some easy ones:

  • Upgrade your vacuuming. In two ways. One, you should probably vacuum more frequently–a minimum of weekly, but more often is better. Two, you might look into upgrading the vacuum itself. New, HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners are many times more effective at picking up and ridding your home of dust and dander. They even help with VOCs and pollen!
  • Dust properly. The days of dry feather dusters are long over. Dry dusting does little more than move the dust around, and pretty much serves little purpose. Whether you use homemade dusting fluids or commercial, a sturdy rag and wet dusting is going to do you a lot more good.
  • Keep fabrics clean. Fabrics like carpets, curtains, and blankets all hold onto absolutely huge amounts of dust. In fact, they’re likely your worst offenders in the whole home! Launder these weekly, and you’ll soon be breathing a whole lot easier.
  • Use doormats. Much of the dirt and dust in your home comes by way of traffic. Every time you go out and come back, you’re tracking in loads of dust, equalling out to pounds of dust in a single day or two. By removing shoes and placing them in a designated spot, you contain the mess, and make it easier to keep things clean.

Perfect, Permanent Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Looking for something a little more substantial from your IAQ solutions? If so, you’re in good company, and we’ve got the right solutions for you! By equipping your home with air cleaning products and purifiers, you permanently rid your home of all of the pollutants you hate most. And there are loads of options out there, each providing unique advantages and benefits.

At GAC Services, we offer a wide array of air quality products to Maryland homeowners, including:

  • Air cleaners. Air cleaners consistently filter out dust, pollen, dander, and smoke from your home air.
  • Air purification systems. Purifiers eradicate rather than remove, and do an excellent job in controlling mold, bacteria, and funky home odors.
  • Whole-home humidifiers. Keeping your home at the optimal relative humidity can keep dust down, help reduce allergy symptoms, and even gives your heating system an efficiency boost!

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