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Prime Plumbing Maintenance Membership


When you choose to enroll in our Prime Plumbing Maintenance Membership, you receive: 

  • Annual Plumbing Inspection
  • 20% Discount off Plumbing Repairs– You will receive a 20% discount off Plumbing repairs
  • 10% Off Electrical and HVAC Repairs– Our team of skilled electricians is experienced in everything from power outlet replacement to lighting installation and beyond.
  • Emergency Service – As a Prime Member, you are our priority and jump to the head of the line when you call with an emergency. Your job will be scheduled ahead of others for routing and emergency calls.
  • A Trusted Professional on Your Home Service Team– Our factory-trained and nationally certified technicians will care for your equipment and your home.
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fee – Prime Members receive a reduced diagnostic fee.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee– We promise your complete satisfaction – GUARANTEED!
  • Relax, We’ll Contact You! – As a Prime Member, we make your equipment a top priority. We will contact you to schedule your seasonal system check via email and/or phone call, so you do not have to worry about it.
  • Transferable– Your Prime Membership Agreement can either be transferred to your new home, or to the buyer of the home you are selling. Your choice.

Contact us online or call our technicians today at (301) 389-5450 to join GAC Prime Maintenance today! 

Plumbing Maintenance Membership

What’s Included in Our Plumbing Maintenance Membership?

Our Plumbing maintenance membership includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee designed for total peace of mind. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that your home was checked and serviced by a licensed plumber.

  • Inspect and test drain flow (one maintenance snaking of a shower/tub drain is included)
  • Inspect faucets and shutoffs for leaks and proper operation
  • Examine and test sump pump operation
  • Inspect your water heater for proper operation and safety
  • Perform dye test on all toilets to check for water leaks
  • Check exposed water supply lines for leakage and deterioration
  • Inspect all visible piping for leakage and deterioration
  • Examine washing machine hoses
  • Test water pressure for your home and appliances (as necessary)
  • Inspect, tag, and test main emergency shut-off valves
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Join GAC's Prime Maintenance Membership

Financing Options Available

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Priority Maintenance

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