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Once properly installed and incorporated, a standby generator offers your home a superior level of protection against outages, and all of the dangers that they present. However just because these systems were designed to work in an emergency does not mean that they are immune to encountering some trouble all their own. Is your Maryland generator failing to meet your needs, or is the generator showing signs of an imminent breakdown? The specialists at GAC Services can help.

GAC Services provides trained electricians and certified generator specialists that have been serving homeowners in Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard Counties for years. Our extensive experience with installing and maintaining Generac generator systems enables us to provide swift, accurate solutions no matter the scope or scale of your needs.

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Generator Repair Contractors near Gaithersburg, MD

Though a generator system is somewhat simple in what it offers, the unit itself is made up of a large number of moving parts, components, and electrical systems—a problem with any of these can mean serious trouble, and especially so if the issue is not detected before the generator is needed.

Our expert electricians provide precision generator repair services that address all common problems, from damage or wear on pistons, belts, and gears, to full electrical services and generator battery replacement.

How Do I Know When My Maryland Generator Needs Repair?

Since a generator rarely runs outside of a power outage, it can be difficult to assess the unit on your own. This is why routine maintenance is crucial, and also why the homeowner should inspect the generator on a consistent basis—monthly when possible. While inspecting the generator search for:

  • Leaking fluids. There are many liquids present in your generator including oil, coolant, and depending on the generator, fuel as well. A leaking generator will likely fail when you need it most, and worse, it can present a danger to you and your home.
  • Clear signs of exterior damage. Even a seemingly minor issue such as a scratch or dent can suggest that damage has happened within the generator itself. If there are any clear indicators of damage, it’s time to call for generator inspection, and potentially for generator repair.
  • Complications with electrical components. While we do not recommend that an untrained homeowner begin rooting around in the electrical systems of their generator, a quick check to ensure no frayed, cracked, or dislocated wires are present is wise.
  • Unusual noises during operation. If your generator runs but produces a grinding, clunking, or any other unusual noise while running, get the system repaired as soon as possible.

Did you find one of the above problems with your home standby generator in the Montgomery County area? Schedule service with the whole-home generator repair specialists at GAC Services now!

Frequently Asked Generator Questions

  • How much does it cost to fix a generator? While the national average hovers at around $300-600 for a standard generator repair, prices vary quite a bit depending on the issue at hand. For example, replacing parts will fall on the higher end, while simpler issues may range lower than the average.
  • How much does it cost to maintain a generator? Whole-home generator maintenance typically costs substantially less than a repair service, and a professional will include things like oil changes, battery inspections, and component troubleshooting. All of these go a long way in saving you even more over time.
  • How many hours does a Generac generator last? A middle-tier Generac generator is rated to last in excess of 3,000 hours over its lifespan, typically meaning the system can last for decades if properly maintained.
  • How long can a Generac generator run continuously? The answer here will vary most widely according to the type of the generator, the number of circuits you are powering, and the type of fuel the whole-home generator runs on. Natural gas generators can run indefinitely—if you use a propane generator with a standard 500-gallon tank and basic electrical needs you can expect roughly a full week of electricity before the tank empties.

Generator Repair in Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick County, MD

When your generator fails, it can put you and your family in an extremely tight spot. Trust our trained specialists to offer fast, effective solutions that will restore your emergency power system with ease.

Contact us online for generator repair at any time, or call (240) 233-8498 to speak to a professional today! We are based in Gaithersburg and service Bethesda, Clarksburg, Rockville, Frederick, and the surrounding areas!


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