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Electric Services in Maryland​

It seems that nowadays, everything is powered by electricity. From cars to smart thermostats, the demand for electricity has definitely skyrocketed. When your power fails, or you want to update your lighting system around your house, call the electricians at GAC Services. If you need reliable electrical services in Gaithersburg, Maryland, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Gaithersburg Electric Services

Our electricians provide services year-round for various problems you may face. Whether your home or business needs repairs or multiple installations, our team is here to get the job done. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to tackle any electrical project, big or small.

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your house cool while saving money on energy bills. However, improper installation can pose a fire risk, which is why you should let the experts handle the job. GAC Services offers a wide range of ceiling fan services, including:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Switches and Remotes
  • Lighted Fans
  • And More

Let our team help you choose a fan that fits your style and needs. Then, we install it safely and reliably for you.

A benefit of owning an electric vehicle is saving a fortune on gas. However, you still have to spend money at public charging stations when your battery runs low. If you want to save money in the long run, consider installing an EV charging station in your home. GAC Services provides three tiers of charging stations:

  1. Level 1 – 120v: The lowest tier charging station is able to be plugged into a wall outlet and is best for overnight charging and low-milage drivers.
  2. Level 2 – 240v: This style of charging station can be plugged into a 240-volt outlet or be hardwired into your home. The battery can fully charge overnight.
  3. Level 3 – DC Fast Charger: The most powerful charging station gets its energy from a direct current and can charge your electric vehicle in roughly an hour.

Now and again, things around the house start to wear down or completely stop working. Our electricians will help you around the clock when lighting, smoke detectors, or outlets aren’t working properly and need repair services. Our team is upfront about pricing and will not surprise with any additional charges or fees.

Enhance your home’s ambiance and security with our full range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We specialize in designing and installing lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Installing lighting fixtures by yourself can be dangerous, which is why we recommend letting licensed electricians handle the job.

As we rely more on technology, older homes often struggle to keep up with increasing electrical demands. At GAC Services, we offer main service panel upgrades and circuit breaker repairs to ensure your system can support your daily life. If you are experiencing breaker trips, flickering lights, or a burning smell, call our electricians in Gaithersburg today.

We at GAC Services are keeping up with the latest home security and comfort trends. We can help you choose the best smart products for your home. We have extensive experience in installing the following Nest products:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat: This device learns your family’s patterns and automatically adjusts itself to improve home climate control and energy efficiency.
  • Nest Protect Smoke and CO Detector: This product has an industrial-grade smoke sensor that can test itself automatically. It will alert you to problems and can be controlled from your phone.
  • Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera: This security camera provides a 130° wide-angle view and advanced night vision. You can watch the live 24/7 action and zoom in for a closer look. You’ll receive alerts when there is any activity at your home.

Backup Home Generators

Many Maryland residents experience power outages due to harsh weather. Portable generators have become popular over the years and are cost-effective solutions when power outages occur, but backup generators are able to power more of your home more efficiently should power go out. GAC Services can help you decide which option of Generac generator is best for your needs and install it for you. Contact us for more information on our electric services in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Insurance policies may not cover lightning strikes and power surges, and surge protector strips offer limited protection. Whole-home surge protectors prevent damage to all electronics by blocking surges at the source. With thousands of dollars worth of electronics and appliances in most homes, investing in surge protection is the best way to avoid major losses and receive discounts from insurance providers.

If your wiring is out of date or you are remodeling your house, our electricians can meet your needs. We can help you update and install wiring for appliances, home theater systems, smoke alarms, and more. We put a high priority on safety and ensure you we will get the job done right.

Do you have an emergency? We can help you with next-day emergency electrical service in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Additionally, if you join our Prime Maintenance membership, you can receive 10% discounts for our electrical services and routine maintenance. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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Financing Options Available

At GAC, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is for your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.

Priority Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the priority maintenance services offered by GAC Services.