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Electrical Installation in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Don’t leave the installation of your electrical fixtures or appliances in the hands of just anyone. If your devices are improperly installed, you risk premature breakdowns, fires, ruining your electrical system, and other drawbacks. When you need reliable installation services, turn to the team of certified electricians at GAC Services.

No matter what you need to be installed, our team will quickly connect your unit and make sure that it is working properly. For reliable electrical installation in Frederick County, Montgomery County, and Howard County, Maryland, reach out to our experts and schedule an appointment for our services.

Electrical Installation Services

Our skilled team has years of experience in installing various electrical units. Ensure the protection of your devices and enlist your trust in our electricians at GAC Services. Call us today at (301) 720-1684 and let us know what you need help installing.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are great for keeping your home cool at a lower price. However, if you don’t install these fixtures correctly, they can come loose and fall to the ground. Along with having fans installed in your bedrooms or living room, we suggest installing one in your attic to prevent excessive heat during the summer.


Without efficient wiring, your electrical system may not function properly. We can assist you in upgrading your electrical system through rewiring. Whether your system is outdated or you are remodeling or expanding your home and require wiring installation, rely on our experts at GAC Services.

Generator Installation

If there is a power outage at your property, you need a reliable backup source to prevent interruptions to your daily life. By installing a whole-house generator, you will keep your electrical system safe during emergencies.

Additionally, installing a transfer panel with your generator is an important safety measure. The panel lets you connect your generator to your home’s electrical panel. This device also keeps the generator’s power from running through your home’s power line, keeping power company workers safe when they come to work on the electrical lines in your area.

Appliance Installation

Appliances such as washers, dryers, ovens, washing machines, and more must be handled correctly to protect them against damage and the need for premature electrical repairs. Consult with our experts, and we will assist you in finding the ideal appliance for your home while ensuring it aligns with your electrical system’s specifications. Regardless of the appliance, our team is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance.

For electrical installation in Frederick County, Montgomery County, and Howard County, Maryland, contact us at (301) 720-1684 to schedule an appointment.

GAC Logo 2024

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