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Does a Generator Increase Home Value?

As a local homeowner in Maryland, you know quite well that the value of a home standby generator cannot be easily measured. They’re absolutely invaluable for keeping your family safe and your home in proper order, especially during the most damaging of storms.

That said, they’re a fairly noteworthy investment to make, and that tends to raise a very good question: does a standby generator increase your home’s value? Can you expect to recoup any of the investment cost when it comes time to sell?

Is a Home Standby Generator a Good Investment?

Yes! Standby generators are significant investments that can last you 30 years or more. Installing a home generator adds a tangible feature to your home, and even more importantly, it provides you and your family safety and power when disasters strike.

Home electrical damage, storm damage, and property loss due to power outages cost homeowners a significant amount of money each year, so offering a method of preventing this is definitely a great incentive for a new buyer.

Along with increasing your home’s value, there are many other benefits to installing a home generator, including:

  • Power Continuity: Standby generators provide continuous power and automatically switch on during outages, ensuring your home’s power source remains uninterrupted.
  • Property Protection: Standby generators safeguard your property by preventing damage from frozen pipes, sump pump failures, and food spoilage due to power outages.
  • Convenience: These units offer convenience by eliminating the need to manually start a generator during blackouts, providing peace of mind.

What’s My Return on Investment?

Sources on this topic tend to be very conflicting if you take some time to check it out on your own online. However, with a bit more industry knowledge, you can generally figure out that the average return on investment for a standby generator stands at roughly 65 to 70 percent ROI.

The exact ROI is hard to nail down because the location is important—as in, does the area get severe storms and experience a lot of outages? The state of Maryland receives a lot of rain, leading to many power outages, so you can expect a solid ROI exceeding 65 percent.

Are Generators Highly Sought After?

While it might not be the very first question a potential buyer asks, it’s undeniably an appealing feature. Prospective buyers often prioritize questions about the recent installations of heating and cooling systems, roof condition, and foundation state. Having a standby generator can also be a highly desirable asset.

If you have a backup generator at your home, a real estate agent will eagerly add it to your list of advantages and key selling points to enhance your property’s overall appeal.

Should I Install a Generator When Selling My Home?

A standby generator can add substantial home value. However, it’s not something you need to add specifically to sell your home. Focus on the basics first, and then consider a generator for added appeal. However, keep in mind that there can be better, higher ROI electrical upgrades you can do in your home if you’re looking to make a sale.

When you need help choosing the right home generator, reach out to an experienced electrician. They will thoroughly inspect your home’s electrical system and help you choose the right make and model for your needs.

Additionally, these professionals can help you assess when the best time to install a generator is. Whether your home is more vulnerable during the freezing winters or during the spring showers, they’ll make sure your whole-house generator stands the test of time.

Standby & Whole-Home Generator Installation in Maryland

From extra protection for your home to its extended lifespan, home generators make any house stand out from the crowd.

If you need assistance picking a new generator for your home or you want to sell your generator, reach out to our electricians at GAC Services for assistance. Contact us today by calling (301) 205-5082 to schedule an appointment with our team of experts.

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