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When Is the Best Time to Install a Whole-Home Generator

With the weather finally shifting to warmer days and nights, you might think your poor weather woes are over. But if you do, you’re forgetting something. Once the snow is away, the storms start up! That means replacing bad roads and sheets of ice with another common weather complication in our area: power outages.

Thinking it might be time to invest in a generator system? If so, that’s an idea we can get behind! Generators put power back in your hands (forgive us the minor pun), and keep your home secure no matter what comes. But is now the right time to install a generator? And what even is the best time, if there is such a thing? The team at GAC Services are here to chat about exactly that.

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Why Choose a Whole-Home Generator?

So first up, why a whole-home system over a simple portable unit? It’s true that a portable generator can be handy, and if the only thing you care to keep on is the refrigerator then that’s probably just fine. But, a whole-home generator can offer you a lot more. Whole home generators offer considerably more benefits, including:

  • Complete electrical access. “Whole-home” isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a fact. When chosen correctly, having a whole-home generator in place means the light stay on, the HVAC keeps running, the hot water heater is good to go. You name it, it’s powered, no matter what the weather decides to do.
  • Long-term power when you need it. Portable generators are not only unsuitable for long-term use, but are also considerably limited. A whole-home system, on the other hand, can run for hours, days, weeks, even.
  • Safer power generation. Portable generators are often an unwieldy choice simply due to the fact that they cannot be operated safely anywhere near your home. This makes them either very limited, or necessitates a tap box setup for a single plug in circuit, which is just not cost-effective. Whole-home systems are safer and more cost-efficient.
  • Longer service life. When properly maintained you can expect the whole-home generator to guard you and your family for years and years—decades if you get a strong brand.

When Is the Best Time to Install a Whole-Home Generator?

So whole-home sounds good to you? Excellent! Now to decide when the best time is, and we’ll define this by a few things. Point one: when you can get the best deal. Point two: when labor will be less strained. And point three: getting before you need it most, since waiting until it’s too late just doesn’t make any sense.

What are the answers? Here in the Maryland area the answer is the same for all three: Any time before hurricane season sets in (That’s the start of June, in case you weren’t sure). There’s no bad time to install a generator at all, but there is a worst, basically, and so the best idea is to jump on board when you’re going to get the best deal possible. For most of us that means right around now, before the season starts off in earnest.

How Do I Choose the Right Generator?

An excellent question, since over or undersizing your generator can lead to a lot of bad times. But it’s an easily answered question, too, since for the most part you don’t need to worry about it. For choosing the right generator you only need to do two things. One, you need to decide what circuits you want to keep powered when the power goes down. It can be literally everything, or only essentials—up to you.

The next step is to find a service company that offers full installation of a trusted generator brand name. That team can guide you and advise you, helping you pick the ideal generator to suit your needs. If possible, you also want a team that offers maintenance and replacements as well, that way you have a single source for all of your generator needs.

Looking for a team that can do it all when it comes to generators in Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard counties in Maryland? You just found us! Contact the specialists at GAC Services to schedule your consultation today!

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