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The Benefits of Having a Home Backup Generator in Maryland

As Maryland residents, we’ve learned to expect extreme weather throughout the year. From summer storms to blizzards in winter, we’ve seen it all! That’s why so many of our Montgomery County, Howard County, and Frederick County neighbors install home backup generators—so that they’re prepared in the case of an (all too likely) emergency due to the crazy weather in our area.

When it comes to power outages, are you prepared? If you don’t have a reliable source of backup power, then probably not! Read on to learn more about why you should install a home backup generator to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

Why You Should Install a Home Backup Generator

Over the years, generators have become increasingly popular in Maryland. Heavy storms and harsh winters have left our homes and businesses without power for days. Generators offer you power when you need it most. Read on for a few reasons why you should install a home backup generator in your Maryland home.

Home Backup Generators Provide Essential Power in Emergencies

When your home’s power goes out, if you don’t have a source of backup power, you’re in a vulnerable spot. Crucial components of your home will be rendered useless, including your furnace, sump pump, water heater, refrigerator and freezer, lights, and more. Not to mention other items that require electricity, like your television or air conditioner.

Even your laptop and cell phone will eventually need to be charged, and you’ll have no way to do so! The last thing you want when the weather conditions get severe is to be cut off from the rest of the world, with no way of knowing when conditions will ease up or what’s going on in the area surrounding your home.

Without a home backup generator, you could get stuck paying for:

  • Spoiled Food: Think of everything in your refrigerator and freezer right now. Do you want all of that food to go to waste? Do you want to spend the money to replace it all?
  • Basement Repair: If your sump pump fails, it could do serious damage to your basement, which could mean hundreds to thousands of dollars in clean-up and remodeling costs.
  • Frozen Pipes: In the winter, a power outage could mean that pipes will freeze and burst, which will require expensive repair work.

The cost of installing a home backup generator is certainly less than the costs you’d incur dealing with the issues outlined above! Not to mention, it increases the value of your home, should you ever sell it.

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Home Backup Generators Require No Effort or Thinking

When the power goes out during a crazy storm, you won’t be running around the house searching for candles and flashlights. You won’t even have to venture out back to hook up the extension cords leading to your portable generator.

When you have a standby generator, you’ll have the peace of mind that your family will be in a warm, well-lit space in the case of an emergency (rather than in a dark, cold room huddled around a candle).

Your home backup generator will simply cycle on automatically when the power cuts out, and will continue powering essential circuits in your home to keep you safe and comfortable for the duration of the power outage. The fast, automatic delivery of power to your home means you don’t have to worry about a thing; everything will be taken care of, just like that.

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Generator Installation in Montgomery County, Frederick County, Howard County and Carroll County, MD

If you’re searching for a backup power solution, GAC Services can install a home standby generator in your Maryland home to make sure your family is protected in the case of an emergency. Our team of licensed electricians also handle generator repair and maintenance to ensure that your unit is functioning properly at all times.

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