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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Portable Generator

Thunderstorms during the summer, blizzards in the winter—when it comes to extreme weather, Maryland residents are used to dealing with extreme conditions. The real question is: are you prepared for a power outage if a weather emergency strikes?

Many people struggle to decide whether to choose a home standby generator or a portable generator as a source of backup power for their Maryland home in the case of a power outage. If you’re trying to decide what kind of generator to purchase for your home, consider the following factors as you make this important choice.

Why You Should Get a Portable Generator for Your Maryland Home or Business

Portable Generators Are Less Expensive

If price is the deciding factor, then a portable generator is the answer. You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing a portable generator. These units can run you anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending where you purchase them, a much lower price point than if you were to purchase a permanently installed home generator.

Portable Generators Provide Backup Power for Your Home

The majority of our customers purchase portable electric generators to be prepared in the case of a power outage. Having a portable generator means you’ll have the power you need in the event of an emergency. These units offer you power when and where you need it.

Whether you simply want to make sure your refrigerator and hot water heater continue running during a power outage, or you or a family member have certain medical equipment and cannot afford to go without power at all, portable generators can provide the power you need when emergency strikes.

Portable Generators Offer Electricity for Recreational Activities

Whether you’re taking the family on a camping trip or you’re tailgating the big game with your buddies, a portable generator will allow you to enjoy the conveniences of home wherever you go. Unlike a permanently installed home standby generator, you can hook your portable generator up to anything you need to improve your recreational experience, from coffee makers to electric stoves to fans to bug zappers and beyond.

From your backyard to a local park or anywhere else you might want to travel, you don’t have to live without modern convenience as long as you have a portable generator providing your power.

Portable Generators Allow Contractors to Work On-Site Anywhere

If you’re a contractor, chances are that you work on sites that don’t have available electricity. With a portable generator, you have a convenient source of power to operate your tools anywhere you go. Whether you need to power portable lights to illuminate work areas, a spray gun system for a painting job, or a nail gun system that requires an electronic air compressor, a portable generator will allow you to do so at any time.

Portable Generators Keep Small Businesses Running Smoothly

If there’s a power outage, will your employees lose their work or be unable to assist their clients? Particularly if your small business offers internet- or telephone-based services, it could be severely affected by a power outage that lasts even a few hours, especially if you work with clients that are far enough away that they wouldn’t be affected by the power outage.

If you work in health services, a backup electricity source is crucial for your patients. Additionally, if your small business relies on refrigeration, a power outage lasting longer than a few hours could be detrimental. Whatever you do, don’t put your small business at risk—install a portable generator that will keep things up and running in the case of an emergency.

Choosing the Right Portable Generator to Fit Your Needs

Portable generators offer the luxury of power when you don’t have it at a fraction of the cost of whole house generators. You can use your portable generator to power up your most vital appliances when your home loses electricity, for your home DIY projects, or even during a backyard BBQ.

Generators vary in price and size, so it is best to evaluate how you are going to be using your generator before purchasing it. Unlike whole house generators, you have to manually add fuel to your portable generator before each use. Once your generator is running, all you have to do is connect extension cords to your generator power source.

Whether you use your portable generator recreationally or to provide emergency power during a power outage, you want to make sure you find a unit that is the right size for your home. GAC Services is a Maryland retailer for portable generatorsCall our team of experts at GAC Services at {{dc:acf:option_field field=”contact_info_phone_text”}} to talk about buying the right portable generator to fit your needs!

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