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How to Choose a Home Generator

When it comes to retaining safe access to electrical power during an outage there’s nothing out there that comes close to the effectiveness and assurance of a home generator system. However when you choose to have one installed in your Maryland home it is absolutely imperative that it be the right generator system to suit your needs! Feeling at a loss and not certain where to start? GAC Services can help you find out how to choose the ideal generator for your needs.

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How Can I Get the “Wrong” Generator?

The biggest and most notable problem that can come from picking just anything to power your home is that in most cases without proper planning you’re going to end up with a system incapable of meeting your needs. The whole point of a whole-home generator is that it be capable of powering your entire home, so you want to ideally end up with a system that can actually do that without power flickers, interruption, or at worst, complete failure.

Additionally another big notable is that choosing the wrong generator will always cost you excessive amounts of money. Choosing a generator that is too small means you’ll need to get another generator, this time the right size. Which makes the first purchase a waste and moot. And choosing a system that is too large means you paid for more than you needed, which is of course, another waste.

Is Picking the Right Generator Hard?

After all we said above you might be thinking that this is some sort of delicate process, but honestly it isn’t! Getting the right generator to suit your needs mostly just takes working with trained professionals that can help you assess your needs and match you accordingly with the right system. There are a few vital points of information you’ll want to know for sure, of course, but as a whole choosing to work with a generator specialist is the best way to ensure you meet all of your needs in the most cost and time efficient manner possible.

What Do I Need to Know?

While overall you can allow your chosen electrician to guide you through the process, understanding the basics of how to select a generator, and what your options mean, are a big part in ensuring your investment is a good one. Be aware of the following:

  • The types of generators. This article primarily focuses on “home generators,” which are typically generators intended to power large portions of home power systems. But even among these there are managed generators, essential generators, and complete home generators. For more information on these we would recommend you read our dedicated post regarding how to choose among these generator types!
  • How generators are sized. In general home generators are sized by kWh, or the amount of power they can safely generate per hour. You’ll want to size yours slightly above what you plan on powering simply to ensure you have complete access with minimal to no interruptions or hiccups.
  • What you plan to power. The most vital part of choosing the right generator is knowing what exactly you want to keep powered on in the event of an outage. If you plan on essentials only, like lights and the fridge, you’ll need a considerably smaller generator than if you want your entire electrical system to be supported. It’s best to generate a list of all items you want powered and to present this to your generator expert when shopping for yours.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Maryland Home with GAC Services

So what’s priority number one when you want to find the power solution that’s right for you and your home? Working with experts who know how best to help! At GAC Services our trained electricians have been helping homeowners get the right power supply system for years and we would be glad to help you through the process. When you want power solutions you can trust and experts with the tools and training to install your new system without flaw, trust GAC for the best in the business.

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