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Electrical Upgrades to Make Before You Sell Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the near future, you’re probably putting a whole lot of thought into what needs to get done in order for your home to be market-ready. The kitchen, bathrooms, a new roof—all of these come to mind.

But before you go too far down the rabbit hole we’d like to talk to you about updating the electrical. Follow along with the certified electricians at GAC Services while we talk about the biggest and best electrical upgrades you should add to your home before you sell!

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Why Electrical Upgrades Are Important

So why focus on electrical before digging into other areas? Well it’s pretty similar to why you’d replace a shoddy roof, or a bad bit of floor. In order for a house to be desirable it has to be a home. And that means it needs to be safe, functional, and reliable. Electrical fixtures play a huge role in a home, meaning if they’re in rough shape you are going to have a hard time getting anyone interested. No one wants to buy a home that needs a panel upgrade, or a home where the wiring is unreliable!

And beyond this many electrical upgrades rank very high on the ROI scale, meaning the money you put into them will not only make your home more attractive, but will also appreciably increase home value. All in all electrical upgrades are just a very efficient and effective way to make your home sell fast and sell higher at the same time.

The Primary Upgrades to Focus On (Essentials)

These upgrades focus on improving both safety and functionality, making the electrical in your home more appealing, more functional, and overall far more likely to sell. Not every home needs these, but if your home does, we would absolutely place them in the priority bracket.

  • Updating wiring. The wiring in your home is the basis of what makes everything work smoothly and safely. Old wiring is not only unsafe, but it’s actually becoming incompatible with all of the new bells and whistles most homes enjoy. Wiring is a big job, but no homeowner is going to set foot in a space where the wires are all crossed, mismatched, and aging.
  • Heavy-ups and panel upgrades. 20, 30 years ago a standard 40-60 amp home was plenty sufficient. But in a modern home you can see needed access up to 150, 200, or even more to accommodate plasma TVs and home spas. A panel upgrade is a fast, easy, and very cost-effective way to boost home value.
  • GFCI outlet installation. GFCIs should be installed anywhere where water or moisture is frequently present, meaning kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and outbuilding should all be fitted with them for safety.
  • Updating fixtures. A nice overhead light or ceiling fan from the 50s might help you nail that retro feel you’re going for. But it might also be responsible for an electrical fire! The sad fact is that most appliances that are a few decades old just aren’t safe anymore, so replace them when you can.
  • Electrical code inspections. A code inspection can give you a very clean and clear eye on the biggest areas in your home that need work. They’re a great way to hone in on what needs to get done, and ensure your home is fit to go on the market.  

Aesthetic and Function Upgrades

While the above are the “must-do” services we would suggest, these additional upgrades can do a whole lot to give your home a more attractive appearance and more functional living space that  a buyer would love:

  • Outdoor and security lighting. Outdoor lighting is a very cost-efficient way to give your exterior a facelift, and carries the added appeal of boosting security. It’s not a must for many buyers, but it’s certainly a plus.
  • Additional outlet installation. Electrical access is nearly as important as having clean running water in a modern home, so be sure you’ve got plenty of outlets around in every room. You could also consider adding USB port outlets as a value-add to buyers.
  • Updated lighting. New interior lighting can brighten up spaces that feel too small or shadowy, making them far more visually appealing and welcoming when you show off your home. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen can go a long way too.

Electrical Upgrades and Services with GAC Services

If you’re looking to sell your home in the Montgomery, Frederick, or Howard County areas and need pros you can trust, call on GAC Services! We’ve been handling home electrical upgrades and updates for years, so you know you can count on our experts for superior solutions and cost-efficient service.

Financing Options Available

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