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7 Benefits of Security Lights Around Your Home

One of the most effective ways of protecting your property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. While at one time it seemed that only commercial premises used this method of deterrent, many homeowners have now realized the benefits that security lighting can bring in the attempt to keep their homes and families secure.

Before you install new security lighting, it’s important to learn about the various benefits that you can reap from these additions. Take a look at some of the advantages of security lighting for homes, then reach out to an experienced electrician for reliable electric services.

benefits of security lights around your home

1. Sense of Safety and Peace of Mind

The most obvious benefit of security lighting is the fact that a well-lit area drastically reduces the chances of a break-in occurring. Instead of relying on the dark to break into your property, home invaders will be faced with bright lights.

Security lighting is also highly effective when working with surveillance systems, such as cameras and alarms. Installing these security measures will help you identify risks. This gives property owners a much better sense of control if something were to occur.

Apart from acting as a deterrent, outdoor security lighting provides homeowners with a sense of safety and overall peace of mind. Having a well-lit exterior means that people are much more comfortable walking outside after dark.

2. Prevent Accidents

Having security lights outside the house can prevent potentially painful accidents from occurring, such as tripping over unseen objects in the darkness. If you have a shaky step or an obstacle near your doorway, having a light can prevent any catastrophes from happening.

Along with protecting you, your family, and any guests from accidents, it also helps you with insurance and liability issues if these accidents were to occur. Since your property will be well-lit, your risk of liability may be lowered if someone were to get injured.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums

While installing security lights for your home will help protect your property from burglars and avoidable accidents, these precautions can actually lead to lower insurance premiums. Homes that have enhanced security measures in place can receive discounts from their insurance provider for making their home a safer place.

This is known as a protective device discount. Insurance providers will reward those who prioritize safety by installing smoke detectors, alarm systems, and security systems.

4. Neighborhood Watch

Having home security lights not only helps you identify vulnerabilities in your property or deter burglars, but it can also increase your neighborhood’s safety. Lighting up your exterior will help you see clearer so you can identify any suspicious activity beyond your property.

Additionally, since your house will be lit up, it will help your neighbors keep an eye out on your property if anything suspicious occurs. This gives you additional peace of mind, knowing that your neighbors can help keep your home safe if you are away.

5. Increase Property Value

If you are ever considering selling your house, having outdoor lighting installed will increase your property value. People who are looking to buy a home will experience the same peace of mind feeling that you felt when you installed the system. Having this protective measure in place will give you the opportunity to raise the selling price of your home, making you profit from the investment.

Properly placing your lights can also be aesthetically pleasing during the nighttime, making your property a more pleasant place to live.

6. Deter Unwanted Animals

If you have small critters like skunks and raccoons frequenting your property, security lighting can be a great deterrent. Motion sensors can scare off these wandering pests and keep your property clear of these prowlers.

Along with keeping the animals away, you’ll also be able to see animals at night, keeping you and your family safe if you are outside.

7. Save Money with Motion-Detection and LED Lighting

One important factor that you need to consider before installing new house security lights is the price. In addition to the initial installation, many people may be concerned about the added cost to their energy bills. This is particularly true if someone is thinking of having the type of lighting that remains on permanently. Electricity bills are almost certain to soar with this type of lighting.

A far more effective alternative is to have motion-detection lighting installed. Because this type of lighting will only come on when any movement is detected in the target area, the homeowner can be assured that their energy bills will not rise by a substantial amount. In fact, people with security lighting installed may actually save money in certain areas. Insurance premiums, for example, could be reduced with the addition of outdoor security lighting.

There are energy-saving benefits of using LED lighting, too. LED lights allow a 60 percent to 90 percent reduction in the amount of energy used. Friendly to the environment, LED lights contain no toxic materials. Controllable LED lights can be dimmed and controlled for color.

The many benefits that come with having security lighting installed in domestic and commercial properties far outweigh any initial costs that may arise. After all, who wouldn’t want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their family and loved ones are safe and sound?

If you are considering the installation of security lights for your home, consider the wide array of benefits you will gain from doing so. This upfront investment is truly an investment in your and your loved ones’ safety.

Our electrical experts at GAC Services can help you select and install reliable home security lighting in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County, and Carroll County, Maryland. Contact us today to speak with our experts.

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