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Signs You Should Consider Rewiring Your Maryland Home

You rely on your home’s electricity for nearly everything. Day in and out, be it lights, heating and cooling, appliances, computers, you need it for everything. Is your electrical in good shape? It can be hard to tell! Today our master electricians want to talk to you about some times when rewiring might be your best option.

As Maryland’s trusted electrical service team, we want to make certain your home is equipped to meet your needs, both safely, and effectively. When you need help getting the best, you can always trust GAC Services!

Do I Need Rewiring for My Maryland Home?

It can seem pretty hard to tell, but the good news is that there are actually a lot of common signs that your home will start to exhibit when things are going awry. Keep an eye, ear, and nose out for these:

  • Flickering lights. If your lights dim or flicker often, it’s a sign that your home is experiencing rapid or frequent surges of power. This can be a pretty common thing to come across, most typically when you flick on a high powered appliance like a space heater. But if this becomes frequent or happens even when small appliances are switched on, you’ve got a wiring issue.
  • Frequent breaker trips. Do your breakers trip all the time, or do fuses blow out frequently? If so, your power is overloading the circuits, which is a clear sign that the wiring needs to be updated.
  • Signs of burning on outlets and switches. Discoloration, deformation, and black or brown marks around outlets and switches means that the circuits these are attached to are getting far too hot.
  • Bulbs burning out often. If the issue is isolated to a single fixture, the odds are good that replacing the fixture itself with something more appropriate to your home’s wiring might resolve the issue. But if it doesn’t, or the problem extends to multiple fixtures, then you’ve got a wiring issue.
  • Weak electrical shock. Getting zapped when you plug in an appliance or touch a switch is not normal, and can be quite dangerous. If this is happening, you need rewiring as soon as possible.
  • Burning smells. The smell of burnt wiring is unmistakable and if you’re catching a whiff, it’s time to call in an electrician immediately. Whether the issue is the wiring in your home or not, this is 100% an emergency!

Why Do I Need Rewiring?

Mostly it comes down to relevance. Electrical appliances are changing every single year; so are standards, and even outlets. Home rewiring can be seen as an upgrade, helping to ensure your home can keep up with your growing modern electrical needs.

Rewiring also becomes necessary when things go wrong. Sometimes this is due to home damage, maybe from water intrusion or fire, or just as often it is needed when you move into an older home that hasn’t been serviced in decades.

Choose GAC for Electrical Service and Rewiring in Maryland

Our certified and licensed professionals have been helping homeowners get the best in reliable service and care for years. Whether you’re looking for total home rewiring, heavy-ups for your electrical panel, installation services, or anything else electrical, we’re the experts for you!

Contact us online today to learn more about our electrical services, or to set a date for your rewiring consultation!

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