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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Turning On?

Heat pumps can encounter a wide range of issues, most of which clearly indicate what exactly is going wrong. A breaker trips, you have an electrical issue. If the heat pump makes odd sounds, a component has worn out. But what exactly causes a heat pump to fail to operate completely? Follow along with the HVAC specialists at GAC Services to learn the common cause for a heat pump that won’t turn on, and how to counter them.

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Possible Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Isn’t Turning On

Many, many things can cause a heat pump to overheat, fail completely, or refuse to cycle on. But among all of the possible culprits these are some of the most common, and simple, issues that can lead to trouble:

  • Incorrect thermostat settings. Though many find this problem embarrassing to discover, it’s actually a very common one to have. Check to make certain your settings are correct, that the unit has been switched to “heat,” and that the system is turned on. Perhaps you forgot about it or someone bumped the thermostat unknowingly—either way, best to check now before you call for a professional!
  • The breaker has tripped. A variety of problems can cause the breaker that governs power to your heat pump to trip. Much of the time, it’s nothing major, and the breaker can be simply reset. However, if the breaker immediately trips again, call for heat pump repair.
  • The heat pump is on. If you are new to a heat pump system and are more familiar with a furnace, you might be missing the usual roar and hum that a furnace typically produces when operating. Remember that heat pumps are much quieter and work more gradually, evenly heating across the whole home rather than forcing a blast of heated air into your space.

More Complex Problems Require Professional Heat Pump Repair

If none of your problems were listed above, your best course of action is to call a professional for heat pump repair, and to do so quickly. The earlier an issue is caught and dealt with, the simpler the repair will be, and the less likely that the existing damage will become more serious. The most common causes for this can include:

  • A failing reversing valve. Without a functioning reversing valve, the component that makes swapping between “heat” and “cool” possible, a heat pump will refuse to operate.
  • A damaged or worn heat pump start capacitor. The capacitors in your heat pump control power to the fans and blower assembly. If this is worn out or damaged the heat pump risks overheating, and thus the system will fail to operate. You can often identify this issue when you hear a clicking sound when the unit is attempting to cycle on.

Schedule Heat Pump Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

Winter is well on its way here in Maryland, and soon, dealing without your source of home heating for any amount of time will be a nightmare. If your heat pump is failing to start or will not operate consistently, call on GAC Services! We provide prompt, cost-effective repair so that you can stay comfortable all season long.

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