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Why Is My Heat Pump So Loud?

Weird or loud noises coming from an HVAC system can be one of the most jarring and stressful things you can encounter as a homeowner. Generally speaking, loud noises usually mean something has gone wrong, which in turn means needing repairs or having to do without for a while. Not a pretty option come the summer season!

Is your heat pump making a strange sound, or being louder than usual? The team at GAC Services wants to help you out, which is why we’ve built this list of possible causes. Follow along to find out what’s going on with your Gaithersburg home’s heat pump.

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Common Noises That Mean You Need Repair

System definitely not defrosting? Then we’ve got more to discuss. Here are some common heat pump noises, what they mean, and when you need to call a pro:

  • Screech or squeal noises. This usually sounds something like the serp belt in a vehicle when it needs to be replaced, and the problem is very similar. Screeching or high-pitched squeals come as a result of the blower belt, or the bearings, needing to be replaced.
  • Rapid clicking. Rapid clicks, and especially when encountered alongside a humming noise, frequently mean electrical issues in an HVAC system. This needs professional service right away, and to avoid any electrical complications the system should be shut off at the breaker panel if it is safe to do so.
  • Grinding sounds. Metallic grinding is typically associated with a loose component in the heat pump that is literally grinding against the inside of the unit. We would recommend seeking emergency heat pump repair if the weather is rough, or standard service if you can do with the heat pump being shut off for a few hours.
  • Buzzing/vibration. Vibration or buzzing that goes on far longer than a standard defrost cycle often means a fan is jammed, or that another moving part has become lodged. The problem can range from simple to complex, but either way we recommend seeking a professional.
  • Bubbling, or wet noises. The sounds of running water that may come from a heat pump will most typically be related to the condensate drain system. This is fairly easy to check, since the condensate line is located near your indoor unit. Check for any leaking, signs of water damage, or a clog in the drain line, and then call an expert.

Don’t let your heat pump become another one of the broken appliances you’ve been living with. Address problems now to avoid greater expense later. Investigate those interesting heat pump noises with the help of GAC Services today!

Heat Pump Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

Stressed out about a noisy heat pump, or not sure what to do about your system that has been defrosting for far too long? Call on Maryland’s trusted HVAC experts at GAC Services! Our certified and licensed heat pump specialists can offer leading services and cost-effective solutions that can restore your comfort in no time.

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