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Electrical Updates You Didn’t Know You Needed

Many homeowners consider electrical updates and upgrades an “old home only” sort of thing. But as one of Maryland’s leading providers of superior electrical services, the team at GAC can tell you with total confidence that keeping up to date is critical for even very recent homes!

Your home’s electrical system is the baseline for its functionality and overall capability. And technology has been evolving very quickly over the past few decades. And the advancements only keep coming faster! Without keeping up to date with needed upgrades, you can increase your risk of electrical failure, and dramatically increase your energy costs.

Electrical Upgrades & Updates You Probably Need

These electrical updates can benefit your home by minimizing risks and ensuring you have complete access to the power you need.


A heavy-up directly increases the amperage available to your home. This is done by essentially upgrading your electrical panel, and can help you keep up with your home needs. This is important because needs evolve; we get more appliances, stronger appliances, and more energy-demanding tools each and every year.

A home built fifty years ago didn’t need to worry about personal computers, HE heating and cooling systems, and the various appliances modern homeowners use. Because of this, the amperage they can safely handle is far lower than what most homes actually need, making a heavy-up a top-priority upgrade for any home that hasn’t had one in the past ten to fifteen years.

Replacement & New Installations

These tie directly into what we were talking about with heavy-ups. Keeping safe and up to date with electrical appliances and components is all about relevance. Many homeowners are enamored with a fancy electrical antique fan, or an old fridge. But the fact is that these items just aren’t relevant. They need amounts of power that aren’t consistent with current use, making them somewhat unsafe. You risk damaging not only the old appliance, but your entire home as well!

If your home features a lot of old equipment, you can drastically reduce risks and improve your energy use by seeking relevant replacements or installations that will make your home operate in-line with modern electrical parameters.

Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated circuit is tied solely to a single outlet or appliance within your home. Not only are dedicated circuits required by NEC code, but they’re just a better idea for home function! Many appliances and tools should always be tied to a dedicated circuit for safety and to avoid possible electrical complications like flickering, outlet damage, and even possible electrical fires and arcing. Not sure which appliances should be attached to a dedicated circuit? All of these:

  • HVAC systems
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Blow dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Space heaters
  • Automated doors
  • And more!

Generally, anything that exceeds 300 watts while in operation should be on a dedicated circuit. Not sure if your home is using dedicated circuitry properly? The experts at GAC can help!

Get Your Maryland Electrical Updates with GAC

Our award-winning team of certified electricians are proud to provide you with the best service and quality in Maryland! Ready to update your home and get better function and quality out of your home’s electrical system? Contact our experts to set an appointment today!

The GAC Difference

“What do our customers want?” That’s the question that’s been driving the way we do business at GAC from the very beginning—back when you might have known us as Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating!

While our name may have changed, the way we do business hasn’t.

Up-front pricing. 100% satisfaction guarantee. On-time service. Factory trained and nationally certified technicians. Respect for your home.

These are just a few reasons why your neighbors love working with GAC. It is this commitment to excellence, along with our friendly and honest professionals that has helped us satisfy tens of thousands of customers throughout Maryland over the years. And it is this that we consider the GAC difference.

Contact us to schedule service today. We provide electrical services in Frederick, Gaithersburg, and surrounding areas in Maryland.

We’re looking forward to serving you and hopefully making you a customer for life!

Financing Options Available

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Priority Maintenance

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