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When Is the Right Time to Schedule a Heat Pump Tune-Up?

If you keep up with our heating, cooling, and electrical blog, you’re probably pretty aware by now that a routine maintenance service is the best way to ensure your heat pump stays optimized for performance and efficiency. But when exactly do you need maintenance service? Is there a best time, or is it just sort of a whenever thing? Answers to these questions and more, coming right up, just follow along!

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How Often Do I Need a Heat Pump Tune-Up?

The majority of HVAC systems will need a maintenance service for each season they are active. That would mean that, for example, a central air conditioner would need service once a year, as would a furnace. Heat pumps, however, are in use all year-round, meaning they need maintenance a bit more often than a single-season system.

A heat pump needs maintenance semi-annually, or twice a year, once for the cooling season and once for the heating. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency, and reduces the risks of encountering a breakdown due to worn out, dirty, or loose parts. You could also get maintenance yearly if you choose, but this is an at least kind of thing–twice is just better for overall benefits.

When Should I Schedule Heat Pump Service?

Ideally, you want to set a date for your service before the heavier part of the season kicks in. The perfect time is spring for cooling, and fall for heating. You choose these seasons because you aren’t quite reliant on the pump for comfort during these times.

It’s much better to catch problems and maximize your energy savings early. That way you’re getting the most cost-effective cooling and heating possible when the cold and hot seasons roll around, and if there’s a problem, you have time to get repair and don’t have to stress over a sudden mid-season breakdown.

Why Choose to Join a Maintenance Agreement Plan?

Service plans are an excellent way to get your routine heat pump maintenance. By joining a plan, your seasonal maintenance is included, meaning you don’t have to worry over setting a date for your service. You can just relax and let the experts provide your semi-annual service!

Beyond consistency, you stand to gain more, too. Maintenance plans like the Peak Performance Plan offered by GAC Services offer additional perks and benefits for preferred customers. By joining a heat pump plan you can get:

  • Discounts on additional services
  • Season maintenance
  • Priority service
  • Reduced fees on diagnostic services
  • And even electrical service discounts!

Interested in learning more about joining our service agreements, or looking to get your spring heat pump service? Contact GAC Services online to set a date!

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Priority Maintenance

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