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Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Repairs

As a homeowner, one responsibility is making sure your home’s electrical components are functioning properly. So, how do you know if your home may need electrical repairs?

If you don’t address problems with your electrical system early enough, you risk several issues, from an overblown electric panel to electrical fires and more. To ensure your home’s electrical system is safe, it’s vital that you know the signs that your home needs electrical repairs.

When to Call a Professional Electrician for Electrical Repairs

Without the proper tools and experience, you can severely injure yourself while attempting to repair faulty electrical components. For the best results, you should call a professional electrician who can expertly diagnose and repair any issues in your home.

If you notice any of these signs of faulty electrical equipment or wiring, you should call an electrician ASAP:

  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips: If your circuit breaker frequently trips, it could indicate an overloaded circuit or a fault in the electrical system that needs attention.
  • Flickering Lights: Lights that flicker unexpectedly, especially when using appliances or switching on other devices, may signify wiring issues or inadequate electrical capacity.
  • Burn Marks or Smoky Smells: Any signs of burn marks around outlets, switches, or electrical panels, accompanied by smoky smells, should be addressed immediately as they indicate potential fire hazards.
  • Warm or Hot Outlets/Switches: Outlets or switches that feel warm or hot to the touch could indicate loose connections or overloaded circuits, posing a risk of electrical fires.
  • Sparks: Visible sparks or electrical arcs when plugging in or unplugging devices can suggest loose connections or damaged wiring, requiring prompt attention to prevent a fire.
  • Buzzing Noises: Unusual noise from outlets, switches, or electrical panels may indicate arcing or electrical faults, necessitating professional inspection and repair.
  • Frequent Power Outages: If you experience frequent power outages or interruptions without an apparent cause, it could mean there are issues with the wiring, circuitry, or utility supply.
  • Non-Functional Outlets or Switches: Outlets or switches that do not work properly or intermittently fail to supply power indicate wiring faults or internal damage that needs troubleshooting and repair.
  • Electrical Shocks: Experiencing electrical shocks or tingling sensations when touching appliances, switches, or outlets indicates a sign of faulty electrical wiring or grounding issues.

If any of these issues apply to you, contact an experienced electrician for help. Delaying much-needed electrical repairs can lead to more expensive and dangerous problems down the road.

Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Upgrade

Newer home electrical systems can handle modern electronic appliances and devices, but older systems can’t handle this high demand of power. If your electrical system is older, you may face a hazard in your home that could cause an electrical fire.

Here are a few tell-tale signs you need electrical updates in your home:

  • Your electrical panel is more than 20 years old.
  • Your lights flicker constantly.
  • Your circuit breakers trip often.
  • You plan to expand your home.
  • You want to add or upgrade major appliances.
  • You need more circuits to be added to your system.

To ensure the safety of your home and family, it’s best to have these electrical upgrades handled by professionals who can optimize energy efficiency and ensure long-term reliability.

When Do You Need an Electrical Inspection?

According to the National Electrical Code, all electrical installations and upgrades must have an inspection performed by a licensed electrician to ensure your new equipment meets the minimum electrical safety requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

If you are installing a new electrical appliance in your home or are concerned about another problem, reach out to a licensed electrician to safely inspect your home. An experienced electrician will follow an electrical safety checklist and look out for these signs:

  • Aging electrical system (older than 40 years)
  • Recent purchase of an older home
  • Renovation or addition to the property
  • Unexplained increase in energy bills
  • Installation of new major appliances
  • Frequent electrical issues
  • Planning to sell or buy a home
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Noticing burning smells or unusual odors near outlets or switches
  • Presence of aluminum wiring or knob and tube wiring

Code violations can result in monetary fines, personal injury, and property loss. To avoid these risks, schedule an electrical inspection at your home.

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