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Do I Need to Replace My Old Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons to consider replacing your current cooling unit. Maybe it’s underperforming or your bills are getting too high. Or perhaps you’re tired of needing constant repair! But while all of these are perfectly valid (and the more common) reasons to seek AC replacement, there’s another reason the experts at GAC Services would like to talk about today. How much do you know about R-22?

What Is R-22?

If you’re kind of familiar but need a bit of a refresher, we touched on the important topic at hand recently and checking it out can give you the insight you’re looking for. You might know it by its more colloquially accepted name “Freon,” though the term actually refers to a specific company, rather than the product itself.

R-22 is, or was, the most widely utilized and accepted refrigerant (and a common propellant) in use. However, rigorous testing has told us that R-22 is extremely unhealthy for the environment, and is equally dangerous to humans themselves. Because of this, R-22 is currently being phased out completely in a process that will complete at the top of 2020. In its stead, products that are far safer (and actually cheaper) will, and have been, taking its place.

Does That Mean I Should Replace My Air Conditioner?

It certainly does! If not now, then you will eventually have to, since systems using R-22 are totally obsolete now, and after 2020 no one will even carry the stuff. That means if at that time you get a refrigerant leak, or your system breaks down, there will be no way to replace it at all, immediately putting you in a bad spot. So the question is less of “Should I?” and more of “When should I?” and the answer to that is as soon as possible.

Why Replace Now?

To put it simply, because you’ll benefit a lot more in the long run by swapping now. If your system still uses R-22, it also stands to reason that it is somewhat old, meaning a new system is already going to bring you an air conditioner that is:

  • More efficient
  • Costs less to operate
  • Needs less repair
  • And will last far longer

But even beyond all of that, you stand to benefit further. You see, since R-22 is getting phased out, it’s also becoming far more scarce and expensive in the meantime. The phase out has been going on for years now, and every single year the cost of R-22 increases appreciably. R-22 is already many, many times more expensive than it was five years ago. And it’s only going to get higher as the deadline draws near!

So by seeking a replacement now, you get a system that is not only stronger, more efficient, and more reliable, but one that costs many times less to maintain. It’s all win and no loss, and saves you the mounting stress of dealing with the issue later. Now we’re certainly not here to pressure you–you’ve still got some years left. But we are here to tell you that by replacing now you stand to gain way more than you would by waiting.

Air Conditioner Replacement and R-22 System Upgrades

Your replacement should be a chance to get a better, more effective cooling system for your home. And if you’re in Howard, Frederick, or Montgomery County, you’ve got a superior HVAC team at the ready to help! GAC Services has been proudly bringing the best to our patrons for decades, and we would love the opportunity to talk to you about updating your cooling unit.

Financing Options Available

At GAC, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is for your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.

Priority Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the priority maintenance services offered by GAC Services.