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Why Is my Furnace so Loud?

If your furnace is making loud noises, it may need to be repaired. A good place to start when determining what’s wrong with your furnace is to pay attention to the noise it is making. The most common noises that come from a damaged furnace include:

  • Whistling
  • Rattling
  • Squeaking
  • Banging
  • Booming

If you’ve noticed your furnace making any of these noises, there’s a good chance you need furnace repairs. Loud noises could indicate the following problems:

  • Damaged Motor Bearings – Listen closely to identify if the loud sounds are coming from the motor. The motor bearings could be worn down, in which case, you should notify an HVAC professional to schedule furnace repair.
  • Expanding Air Ducts – If there is too much static pressure in the ductwork of your furnace, it can expand and make a loud banging noise. There can be several causes of high static pressure, including undersize ducts, closed supply vents, or dirty air filters. Think you still need furnace repair in the Derwood or Montgomery County area? Contact GAC Services to identify the exact problem so it can be remedied.
  • Holes in Ducts – Holes and cracks in your ductwork could be a problem if you notice an eerie whistling sound coming from your furnace. This is relatively common in older furnaces, and should be repaired to prevent further damage.
  • Ignition Roll-out – An ignition roll-out is a small explosion that occurs when the furnace starts running. Watch the furnace start up if you can see through the doors. If not, you can simply listen and determine where the noise is coming from. If you see an extra flame or notice the doors are shaking, contact a licensed technician right away. While ignition roll-outs aren’t very common, they could be dangerous, and that’s why you should rely on professional furnace repair.
  • Oil-canning Duct – Listen carefully to see if the noises are coming from the ductwork. The most common noise you will hear is a banging sound. Oil-canning means there is a weak spot in the ducts that requires more support. You can fix this issue by screwing a thicker piece of metal onto the weak spot in your ducts.

A little noise coming from your furnace is normal, but if you hear any kind of loud and unusual noises, such as banging, booming or whistling, you should contact GAC Services to identify the problem and repair it right away. You should not have to sacrifice the peaceful atmosphere of your home in order to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

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