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Why Does My AC Smell Funny?

From time to time, your air conditioner may give off various odors, causing it to smell bad. When you find your AC unit giving off a pungent smell, there could be a number of reasons as to why that’s happening.

Whether you need to change the air filter, thoroughly clean your unit, or have a professional technician repair it, these solutions could relieve you of the foul smell. So, if you notice a funny smell from your AC unit, don’t panic and try not to puke. Take the time to investigate the smell and relay that information to an experienced cooling technician. 

4 Common Scents from Broken Air Conditioners

There are many unusual smells that can come from your air conditioner. However, over the years, there have been documents of more common stenches coming out of AC units. So if your air conditioner smells funny and it’s one of the scents listed below, it’s best to reach out to an experienced HVAC technician who can relieve you of any problems and the horrid smell.

  1. Rotten Eggs

If you notice that your air conditioner smells like rotten eggs, a dead animal may be the most likely culprit. Oftentimes, a small rodent or bird may have found its way inside your home’s air ducts and died, causing its decomposing body to give off a rotten smell.

Dead animals in air vents are serious issues. Germs, viruses, and animal droppings can be distributed through the air ducts, lowering your indoor air quality. This can cause you to get very sick.

To free yourself of this issue, reach out to an HVAC contractor to remove the animal and investigate your air ducts. If they find any gaps, they can help you with air duct sealing, blocking off any entrances to your home.

2. Skunk

Unlike rotten eggs, your air conditioner smelling like a skunk is most likely not caused by a dead skunk in your ductwork. Although this is possible, it’s highly unlikely. If your air conditioner smells like skunk, there actually might be a more dangerous reason. Leaky gas. Methyl mercaptan from a gas leak smells a lot like skunk spray.

First, you should leave your home and call professionals to help you with your gas leak. Leaving these problems unattended for too long can put you and your family at risk. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector installed, you should install one so you can immediately detect any gas leaks in your home.

3. Mildew

One of the most common air conditioner smells that has been reported is mildew. If your air conditioner smells like mildew, there could be several causes, the most popular being poor drainage.

Your air conditioner plays an essential role in eliminating humidity from your home. As it does this, it takes moisture out of the indoor air. However, if this moisture isn’t drained properly, mildew and mold can start growing in your AC system. These unwelcome guests can start growing in or on your cooling system, wherever there’s a buildup of moisture.

If your AC unit isn’t installed properly, poor drainage may occur. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced technician handle your air conditioning installation, ensuring that everything is connected and functioning properly.

4. Burning Smell

If you think that your AC unit smells like it’s burning, this may lead to an electrical problem. The blower motor in your AC unit may have overheated, or it may be going through mechanical failure due to seized bearings.

When the plastic insulation covering the electrical wires heats up, the plastic will melt and cause a burning smell to circulate throughout your cooling system. This can lead to electrical fires–one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. Have a reliable electrician take a look at your electrical system and AC to relieve you of these issues.

Have Your Air Conditioner Examined by Professionals

Act quickly when there is a funny smell coming from your AC unit. Our team of technicians at GAC Services in Montgomery County, Frederick County, or Howard County, Maryland, are here to make sure your air conditioner is running properly, and your home is free of disgusting smells. Contact us today by calling (301) 591-6143 to schedule an appointment to have your AC unit inspected and repaired.

Additionally, if your furnace smells funny, our HVAC contractors can help you with those problems, too.

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