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Protecting Your Home from Viruses and Bacteria


Reduce the risk of all types of viruses and bacteria from being transmitted!

The Coronavirus is dominating the news 24/7 with advice on how to best prevent the spreading of germs. Prevention, of any type of virus such as the flu, bacteria or even allergens, is a constant challenge in public places which makes this situation concerning.

But what about your own home?  What if you could ensure safe,  healthy air quality for your family?

Preventing the spreading of these viruses and ensuring your home is clean should be a top priority. The same patented technology that hospitals, laboratories, and doctors’ offices have been using for decades is now available for your home to neutralize viruses, allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants.

Whole-home air purifiers can eradicate these harmful particles from your indoor air, and they:

  • Destroy viruses, bacteria and mold spores
  • Reduce allergens and pathogens
  • Help to eliminate odors from pets, cooking or smoke

It’s all about disinfecting and purifying your air!

The purifier is installed directly into your heating & cooling system using the duct system to treat your entire home. The patented technology not only purifies the air but also neutralizes harmful pollutants on surfaces throughout your home. The result – A safe, clean and healthy home.

Contact Indoor Air Quality professionals at GAC Services to learn more or schedule the installation of a whole-home air purifier!

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Financing Options Available

At GAC, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is for your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.

Priority Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the priority maintenance services offered by GAC Services.