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Electrician vs. Contractor: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been seeking an expert to perform electrical work in your home recently you may have noticed there are slight variations on titles when it comes to professionals. Is there actually something that changes if you choose a contractor who does electrical work or an electrician? The team at GAC Services is here to help you understand the difference!

The Simple Differences Between an Electrician and a General Contractor

And there is a difference. While both can perform some of the same functions, the essential difference is that when you hire a general contractor you’re hiring someone who is a licensed electrician, but not a master electrician. These professionals can typically be expected to perform simple to moderate electrical jobs just fine, but you would probably want to go a step higher and pick a master certified electrician for heavier jobs, or just for more assurance.

Master electricians have dedicated themselves to the most rigorous testing, training, and shows of proof that an electrician can accomplish. That means they’re licensed within the state (which is important), certified, and display a full knowledge and understanding of current NEC code and local/state code requirements.

Why “General” Contractor?

You may have noticed that we use the term general contractor when discussing a jack of all trades. That guy you call to fix some siding damage, and then replace a few light bulbs or a faulty breaker before he goes. Or someone who subcontracts out work. This is a general contractor, and it’s important to make the distinction because there are “electrical contractors” too.

The term contractor generally just means he or she is part of a major business. At GAC Services our teams as a whole are contractors, and our electricians are “electrical contractors.”

When Do I Need a Master Certified Electrician?

Ideally, for any electrical job. The benefits of hiring a dedicated professional are pretty noteworthy, which makes seeking out a master-certified technician worth your effort. Master certified electricians can guarantee:

  • A job done right. And done right on the first try! Through extensive training and knowledge master electricians are at the peak of electrical service and skills. That means no mess-ups, no do-overs, and no wasted money on a botched job.
  • High quality products. Electrical contractors who employ, or are made up of, master electricians have access to top of the line equipment and products. And often they get them at a lower rate—savings that are often passed along to a client.
  • Access to major projects. A big part of getting master certified is being able to demonstrate mastery over planning, electrical design, and heavier duty installations. That means when you want a complete home rewire you want a master certified electrician.
  • Insured labor. Any good electrical contractor worth his or her salt is going to insure projects, both for the protection of the client and the protection of technicians. It’s another great layer of defense against problems, and is something you should always seek when you need electrical work done.

Master Certified Electrical Contractors in Maryland

Looking for professionals with the highest degree of training and experience available in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County areas? You just found us! At GAC Services we’re proud to offer master electrician teams to meet all of our client’s needs.

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