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How to Finance Your New Air Conditioner

Paying for Your New AC Unit

If your air conditioner is past its prime, you should consider installing a replacement system. The resulting energy savings and increased home comfort make the investment well worth it.

Still, there’s the issue of funding your upgrade so you can enjoy these benefits without breaking the bank. Consider these top ways to finance your new air conditioner.

Ask About Payment Options

You want to work with an HVAC company that offers financing options. At GAC Services, we provide a few payment options to meet your needs. With no credit check or down payment required in many cases, and affordable options for paying off your purchase, there’s no reason not to finance your HVAC project!


To avoid a credit check and enjoy hassle-free financing without dipping into your equity line, credit card or bank account, choose Microf. You have more time to pay off your investment with a 23-, 35-, 47- or 59-month financing plan featuring low interest rates that keep your loan affordable.

Bundle Heating and Cooling Equipment

If your heater is also on its last leg, save on replacement costs by bundling your new air conditioner with a new furnace. The chance to reduce your investment by a couple thousand dollars makes it easier to finance and pay off the purchase. This is just one of several promotions GAC Services has going at any one time, so check back regularly to see our current offerings.

Apply for Tax Credits

To help incentivize the switch to more efficient cooling equipment, the federal government is offering tax credits for qualified air conditioners installed through December 31, 2016. By purchasing an A/C unit with a high enough efficiency rating, you can apply for a $300 tax credit on next year’s tax return.

Install Your New Air Conditioner Today

Maryland residents can count on GAC Services for quality air conditioner installation or replacement. We make the process as convenient as possible to avoid disrupting your busy schedule. Our NATE-certified technicians have the training and knowledge needed to complete the job to your satisfaction.

To receive a free estimate, or to schedule other heating and air conditioning services, please contact GAC Services in Maryland today! 

We proudly serve homes in Bethesda, Frederick, Germantown, Silver Spring, Potomac, and more!

Financing Options Available

At GAC, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is for your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.

Priority Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the priority maintenance services offered by GAC Services.