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Home Rewiring FAQs

Rewiring a home at the right time, for the right reasons, serves an important purpose both for the safety and the functionality of your home. However, when it comes to understanding home rewiring and the purposes that it serves, many homeowners find that there is a lot of information. And you, understandably, likely have quite a few questions.

For this reason, the electricians at GAC Services have compiled a list of our most frequently asked home rewiring questions, and we’re here today to provide the answers you need.

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The Questions & Answers You Need to Know About Home Rewiring in Maryland

How often should you rewire a house?

A rewiring service becomes necessary in one of two generalized scenarios:

  1. A homeowner should seek rewiring at a minimum of every 20 years.
  2. A homeowner should seek rewiring if they are making major changes in the electrical needs of your home—a home addition, for example, or upgrading your home with smart home technology.

These two situations are ideal for the service because wiring is constructed and installed along with the needs of the times. For example, the wiring in a home built in the ’50s was not installed with the expectation to deal with plasma televisions, high-draw hair dryers, or modern electrical tools.

Why is rewiring a house important?

As we touched on with the previous question, rewiring is about keeping your home up to date with your evolving electrical needs. Utilizing outdated wiring can present a risk for electrical failure and fires, in addition to them simply not being properly compatible with the smartphones, computers, and appliances of today.

How long does it take to rewire a house?

The timeline will be dictated by the size of the home and the condition of your existing electrical systems. However, in most cases, a homeowner should expect the project to take roughly five days for an entire home.

Can I DIY rewiring a house?

Absolutely not. Rewiring requires extensive knowledge of electrical systems and takes a supreme amount of precision in order to be handled properly, and more importantly, safely. Attempting a DIY wiring job is also one of the cases where a homeowner would lose far more than they saved, as electricians have the tools, the knowledge, and the connections with product manufacturers needed to get the job done both on time and on a precise budget.

What is the average cost to rewire a house?

While it is safe to say that the project would rest somewhere in the thousands, it is impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price for extensive electrical work. The cost of the project would be dependent on the size of your home, the age of your home and electrical systems, and the ease or difficulty of accessing electrical areas in the home.

How do you know if your house needs rewiring?

In addition to the situations stated at the beginning of our information, a homeowner may also seek an electrical inspection that may lead to home rewiring when:

  • The home smells of burnt wiring
  • You experience frequent breaker trips or fuse failures
  • Your home still uses aluminum wiring, which is no longer an accepted standard

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