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AC is Running But My House Isn’t Cooling Down

The temperature is heating up outside, and all you want is to feel some cold air against your skin. You turn on the air conditioner in hopes of a reprieve, but no matter how long it runs, your house never cools down. You place your hand over a supply vent and discover that the air feels lukewarm, even hot. There are several reasons why this might be happening. Learn which problems you can fix yourself and which ones require professional AC repair.

AC Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Thermostat Setting

Did you know that a simple thermostat setting can make the AC blow warm air? Check to see if the fan is set to “on” or “auto.” The “on” setting means the blower will continue to run even when the air isn’t being cooled. This is an appropriate setting if you want continual airflow, but it means the air blowing from the vents will feel warm at times. To prevent this, change the thermostat to “auto.”

Dirty Air Filter

After checking the thermostat, inspect the HVAC filter. It could restrict airflow if it’s dirty, causing the house not to cool down no matter how long the unit runs. If the airflow from your vents feels weak, a dirty filter is the likely culprit. This problem can also cause the AC to overheat, so it’s wise to replace a dirty filter as soon as possible. You should be able to do this yourself, but ask an HVAC technician for help if you’re not sure how.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

The portion of your AC unit sitting outside is responsible for exhausting heat to the exterior. If debris clogs the unit or foliage overcrowds it, the air conditioner will struggle to cool your home. The solution is to gently hose down the unit to remove dust, cobwebs, leaves, and grass clippings. Then, trim back any nearby plants to give your air conditioner some breathing room.

AC Problems to Leave to a Professional

Low Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant is the key to air conditioning. If your system develops a leak, it may not have enough refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. Signs of a low refrigerant charge include:

  • Ice buildup on the indoor evaporator coil
  • Bubbling or hissing noises
  • An AC that can’t keep up on hot days but works fine at night

If you notice these signs, schedule air conditioning repair.

Faulty or Broken Parts

When certain components break, the AC may appear to run fine—until you take a closer look. Check the outdoor unit to see whether the big condenser fan is spinning when the air conditioner is on. If not, the motor may have given out.

The compressor, also located in the outdoor unit, can break as well. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive air conditioning component. A broken compressor usually means it’s time for an AC replacement.

Undersized Unit

If your air conditioner is too small, it might run all afternoon without ever reaching the target temperature. You can improve performance by adding insulation, sealing leaky windows and doors, blocking direct sunlight, and avoiding heat-generating activities until evening. Otherwise, the only way to combat an undersized air conditioner is to replace it.

Schedule AC Services in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Have you tried solving the AC problem yourself? Is your house still not cooling down? If so, it’s time to call the professionals. GAC Services offers reliable, affordable air conditioning service in the Gaithersburg area. We’ll diagnose the problem and recommend a repair, offering upfront pricing before the work begins. If a replacement is the most cost-effective solution, we’ll suggest that option as well.

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