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Which Appliances Use the Most Energy in the Home? How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Top 5  Energy-Zapping Appliances

These days, homeowners are more conscious than ever before about their energy usage. Not only do homeowners want to better the environment by using energy-efficient appliances, but they also want to cut back on their own energy bills as a result.

So, what are some of the most wasteful appliances in terms of energy use? Explore the list below to learn more.

  1. Heating and Cooling Units

As you could have probably guessed, heating and cooling units tend to use the most energy within the average American household. In fact, one study found that HVAC systems use up to 47% of a home’s energy. Between heating and cooling systems, this can easily add up to more than $1,000 per year. Of course, HVAC systems can vary greatly in their energy efficiency, with older systems typically wasting more energy than newer and more efficient units.

  1. Water Heaters

Another major source of energy consumption in the average American home is the water heater. Whether it is electric or gas, water heaters are estimated to cost the average American household more than $300 per year in energy bills, making up approximately 14% of a household’s total energy usage.

  1. Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are another set of appliances that use a great deal of energy, making up approximately 13% of the average home’s energy usage and costing nearly $150 per year.

  1. Refrigerators

Another appliance that tends to use a lot more energy than most homeowners realize is the refrigerator. They make up an estimated 4% of a home’s total energy consumption. This adds up to nearly $100 per year just to run the appliance.

5.  Lighting

Lighting uses a significant amount of electricity, especially if the lights are on most of the day. Lighting accounts for about 9% of a typical home’s energy use. Light bulbs’ energy use can vary widely based on bulb type and usage.

Honorable Mentions

While the above-mentioned appliances use the most energy in a home by far, there are also some “honorable mentions” to be aware of. These appliances and devices also use a significant amount of energy:

  • Computers (especially when not turned off while not in use)
  • Electric ovens
  • Cable boxes
  • Gaming consoles
  • Microwaves

How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Maintain (or Upgrade) HVAC Systems

With heating and cooling systems making up so much of a home’s energy consumption, one of the best ways for homeowners to improve efficiency and cut down on their energy bills is to properly maintain or upgrade their existing heating and cooling units.

Specifically, scheduling an annual HVAC inspection or tune-up can help to keep these systems running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Upgrading systems that are more than 10-15 years old (and choosing ENERGY STAR®-rated units) is another great way to significantly improve efficiency and reduce energy use.

Adjust Water Heater Settings

Most water heaters have several different settings. Homeowners can cut down on energy use by adjusting these settings so that the heater requires less energy to keep the water warm.

Optimize Washer and Dryer Usage

Rather than running several smaller loads of laundry in any given week, try consolidating laundry as much as possible.

Increase the Temperature on the Refrigerator

Finally, homeowners may also be able to save a pretty penny by simply turning up the temperature on the refrigerator. Most modern refrigerators have settings that allow the temperature of the fridge and freezer to be adjusted.

Use energy-efficient LED light bulbs

Reduce electric consumption by turning off lights.  Installing motion detectors in your home will save significantly, indoor and with outdoor security lighting.

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