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Your Guide to Attic Fans

Creating an energy-efficient and comfortable home in the Maryland area is a really important task, and one that homeowners in our area routinely struggle with. Luckily, there are many unique and effective ways to boost comfort, and it’s one of the more prominent (yet ignored) ones we want to talk about today: attic fans.

Interested in attic fans, or have one and not sure how to best implement it? Follow along with the fan replacement pros at GAC Services while we go over the essential need-to-knows!

What Is an Attic Fan?

A lot like what it sounds like it is. Attic fans are an outward-aimed fan installed in your attic that, when engaged, are designed to pull the hot, thick air out of your attic and expel it outside. When paired with adequate roof ventilation these fans can help deal with one of the more frustrating and challenging aspects of keeping a home cool: that nasty, sweltering attic.

In a home without an attic fan, the attic area tends to become a bubble of pressurized heat that will find any ways to get out. Most commonly that means traveling down into your home, where it can impede the air conditioner’s already challenging job.

Interestingly many if not most Maryland homes actually have an attic fan, since they have been a strong appliance for home use in the Mid-Atlantic region for decades. All it takes is a team savvy in attic fan replacement that can set you up with a new, modernized and more efficient fan and you’re set!

Do Attic Fans Have Benefits for Maryland Homeowners?

They do, and quite a few when used properly. The primary draws of an attic fan include:

  • Cost-efficient home cooling. Though an attic fan is not going to replace a proper air conditioning system, it can reduce the burden on yours considerably when used wisely. Dispelling the heat that gets trapped in an attic significantly reduces the AC’s workload and helps to develop a more evenly cool home.
  • Moisture control and better ventilation. Moisture is one of the biggest dangers to any home, and that goes doubly so for attic spaces. Though a sound roof does much of the heavy lifting in protecting your home, moisture still creeps in through ambient humidity, and once it’s there, it tends to stay. The ventilation provided by an attic fan keeps an attic cool and dry, reducing the risks of moisture damage to the roof and insulation, as well as preventing mold growth.
  • Added air quality. Stale air out, fresh air drawn in, simple as that. Attics become a nesting ground for nasty air, as evidenced by them being known for mustiness and moth balls. Introducing air flow means cleaner air in the attic, and by extension cleaner air in the home as well.

When Should I Use an Attic Fan?

How an attic fan is used is probably one of the most misunderstood things about the system. Since the goal is to increase efficiency, you don’t actually want to run the fan 24/7. Attic fans are best used when they either are used in lieu of an air conditioner (on those “just barely too hot” days), or used infrequently to remove built up hot air. This way you get the ventilation perks and rid your home of that horrid hot air bubble, but you’re not running yet another high-draw appliance at all times.

Optimizing Attic Fan Use with Solar Power

For those that prefer the idea of running the fan full time—especially homeowners who struggle with attic moisture—there’s an option for you! A new attic fan replacement can set you up with a solar-powered attic fan that runs primarily off of the sun’s rays. These fans charge up and work even in cloudy weather, removing the burden of using excessive electricity, and you still get the fresh air and ventilation you crave.

Attic Fan Replacement in Montgomery County, Howard County, and Frederick County, MD

Got an old dinosaur of an attic fan, or is yours just not up to speed with the benefits of a modern installation? Contact the electricians at GAC Services! We offer complete electrical appliance replacement, and we’ve got the skill needed to bring you a top-tier product that brings superior results.

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