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Do I Need Whole Home Surge Protection?

When it comes to home electrical, the issue is always about balancing functionality and utility with overall safety. This is why we use breaker panels to supply safe electricity, or why we install protected GFCI outlets in kitchens and utility spaces. So should you also be investing in whole-home surge protection? Is the investment worth it? Find out today with the certified electricians at GAC Services!

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What Is Whole-Home Surge Protection

Before we have much of a discussion, we should ensure we’re all actually familiar with what whole-home surge protection actually is. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll drop the “whole home” part for just a moment and focus on the term surge protection.

A surge protection device is simply one that strives to reduce or remove the danger of power surges. They do this most commonly by grounding and or diverting the power generated by the surge, sending it away to harmlessly dissipate. Surge protection devices come in many sizes and applications, from simple outlet extensions to, of course, whole-home protection systems.

How Dangerous Are Power Surges?

Unfortunately, very. The most common concern is property loss, as a power surge can quickly render appliances and electrical systems in the home totally useless, effectively frying them completely. In addition, and even more importantly, power surges account for a considerable number of electrical fires in Maryland homes each and every year.

This makes surge protection absolutely vital, not only to protect your assets and expensive appliances, but in order to protect your home and family overall.

Do I Actually Need Surge Protection?

In the sense of whether or not it is NEC Code, not in a whole-home sense. As in, it’s not a law or anything. But do you need it? Our electricians would say absolutely, and even more than ever. We use more appliances than ever these days, and demand more and more energy be funneled into our homes in order to be able to utilize them.

This places us in a situation where there is a massive amount of electrical power moving in and out at a rapid pace, meaning a single surge can cost us thousands and thousands of dollars in property loss, as well as potential physical danger.

What Causes Power Surges?

You might have thought of a thunderstorm first, and you wouldn’t be wrong—storms are responsible for lots of horror stories about home fires and property loss. But that’s actually not the most common cause at all! For the same reasons we mentioned above, it is actually our own home appliances that are responsible for the most surges. Large equipment like AC systems, Washer and dryer systems, and even hair dryers and microwaves are responsible for the majority of surges. And we use these on a daily basis. That’s why whole-home surge protection is so vital!

Whole-Home Surge Protection in Frederick, Montgomery, and Howard Counties

Think it’s time you got a whole-home safety solution for your Maryland home? The specialists at GAC Services do, too! The process is simple, quick, and cost effective, and the benefits speak for themselves. Contact us now to learn more about gaining surge protection for your home!

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