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Choosing the Best Home Generator

A home generator is the ideal choice for keeping things smooth and functional during a heavy storm or utility outage (especially since that heavy storm season is approaching the Maryland area). But if you’ve spent any time at all shopping around you might notice that there are a ton of generator options out there. How do you choose the right one for your Gaithersburg home? Follow along with the team at GAC Services while we help you make the right pick!

Deciding Between Managed, Essential, or Complete Generators

Your first decision should be exactly how much of your home you want to remain functional in the event of an outage. Do note that we’re not tackling portable generators today—they’re a great pick in a pinch, but are fairly straightforward to choose from. So what does that leave you with? Managed generators, essential circuit generators, and complete whole-home systems.

An essential circuit generator supplies power to only the necessities. This is a planned process and you get to choose, but the common picks include lights, HVAC, and refrigerators among others. This is a great economical choice for those who want solid coverage at a low cost.

Managed generator systems technically provide whole-home power, but work with a purposely limited capacity. This managed system basically puts a priority system in place, ensuring power goes to essentials before going to extras like computers, unused outlets, microwaves, and the like.

Complete whole-home generators are exactly what they sound like. They’re the biggest investment level when purchasing a system, of course, but with one in place you needn’t worry about anything during an outage. When an event occurs the generator takes over with nary a blink, providing total power to your home with no exceptions.

Assessing Your Needs

After deciding which of the three sounds best for you (or deciding a portable for lights or fridge-only is just fine enough), it’s time to pick your generator size. Generators are sorted by essential wattage, usually expressed in kWh. This part is fairly easy, but unfortunately can be a wee bit time consuming. The best way to get the job done is to actually add up the total wattage used by the appliances and home systems you want operational during a power outage.

You can get a bit of a shortcut out of enlisting your computer as many online websites and search engines can pop up a handy guide of general power consumption, helping you cut some corners for brevity (and sanity). Once you have that usage detailed, it’s time to call a trusted generator provider! With your budget in mind and wattage use in hand, you can then find the perfect generator to meet your needs.

Which Type of Generator Sounds Right for Your Maryland Home?

Having trouble picking between the lot? No worries! Working with a professional licensed electrician can help you make the right choice for your home. Experts can help you stay in budget while also ensuring you get a high quality product that is sure to last.

Ready to find your perfect home generator in Frederick, Montgomery, or Howard County? Call on the experts at GAC Services online today to get started!

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