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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking?

Virtually any kind of leak tends to mean bad news. Water damage is a big problem for your home, and the mold that can come with a leak is no joke either. But the issue feels so much worse when it’s your heat pump that’s doing the leaking. What even causes that? And what can you do to fix it? Find out by following along with the heat pump experts at GAC Services.

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Is a Heat Pump Leak a Big Problem?

As far as HVAC issues go, you can rest easy. This one is actually not as weird or uncommon as you might first think, and while it does usually require a professional heat pump repair call, the labor is typically short and simple. So if you’re worried about high costs or some lurking major complication, the odds are in likely your favor on this one.

That said, it’s best to not leave a leak for any amount of time. This not only risks water damage to your home, and mold infestations, but standing water in the system can also lead to component wear and electrical issues. Repairing a leak is simple, but repairing a short-circuited unit can mean a huge investment you don’t want to make just yet!

What Causes Heat Pump Leaks?

Since both a heat pump and your run of the mill air conditioning system both use the basic principles of refrigeration, many of the potential causes are very similar or exactly the same. The most common causes of a leak in a heat pump include:

  • Presence of ice or frost in the pump. Many things happening with your heat pump can result in ice forming on the coils. These can include simple problems like air flow (usually a dirty air filter), or bigger problems like low refrigerant levels. In the case of low refrigerant you’ll want an expert to locate the leak and fix it right away to avoid losing cooling power.
  • Cracked overflow pan. Like an air conditioner, a heat pump pulls humidity out of the air as part of its cooling process. The humidity then collects on the coils, and most normally drips down into the drain/overflow pan. Over time a pan may begin to corrode, which causes cracking that will result in plenty of water finding its way onto your floors.
  • A clogged condensate drain. The condensate drain system relies upon a few tubes to carry moisture out and away from your home. Physical blockages aren’t all that unheard of (especially if you haven’t been getting routine heat pump maintenance) and can result in a physical blockage that stops flow. When this happens the water will back up until it begins to flow out of the drain pan.

What if It’s Winter?

It’s true that a heat pump running in heat mode leaking is a bit less common. Unless it’s the outdoor unit that’s doing the leaking. In this case you can completely ignore the problem—it’s not a problem at all! Your heat pump uses a defrost cycle to keep the exterior unit free of ice buildup. This will result in a steady stream of moisture coming from the unit on occasion and is nothing to worry about unless the defrost is failing and the unit freezes up.

Professional Heat Pump Repair in Maryland

If you’re frustrated or stressed about a leaking heat pump, don’t worry. The certified and trained heat pump specialists at GAC Services have you covered! Our teams have been meeting the needs of homeowners in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas for years, so no matter what kind of complication you’re experiencing we can offer a solution that you can trust.

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