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Fall & Winter HVAC & Electrical Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s essential to keep your HVAC and Electrical systems in working order in all seasons, but that’s especially true during the unforgiving winter months. With the added hazards of snowfall and freezing temperatures, your system and your comfort will be put to the test.

To be sure your HVAC is ready, make sure you’ve completed our suggested winter checklist below:

Clean or Replace Your Unit’s Air Filters

It’s important to maintain your air filters by cleaning or replacing them. Not only does this preserve your home’s air quality, but in winter, a dirty air filter will cause more strain on your system. This could also lead to equipment malfunctions or damage as well as monthly bill increases.

Get Your Ducts in Order

Even with air filters, your ducts can collect dust, dander, and pet hair. You should vacuum your ducts regularly. The experts at GAC Services can help with this deep clean to stop blockages from forming and increase your air quality.

Declutter Your Furnace

If things have been collecting around your furnace in its offseason, then it’s time to clean up. Remove anything within a 3-foot radius. You should also vacuum any dust, dander, and pet hair from the furnace’s access panel.

Check on Your Blower Belt

This part of the system breaks or wears out more frequently than other aspects of the system. Ensure the belt isn’t frayed or dried and add a drop of oil to the blower’s motor. This will keep everything running smoothly.

Clean the HVAC Condenser

Because this part of your unit is outside, bits of debris such as sticks and leaves can affect its performance. Power the unit off, then take a hose and rinse out any dirt or debris. If you’re unable to remove anything or if you notice any damage, contact GAC Services. 

Prepare Your Pipes

With freezing and below-freezing temperatures on the horizon, you should insulate exposed exterior pipes.

Increase Your Insulation

Add extra insulation to your home to help your unit run optimally during the coldest winter months. The more heat that stays in your home, the less strain on your furnace. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have enough insulation to hide the view of your floor joists in the attic. Be sure to inspect the insulation around your air ducts and ensure there aren’t any tears or issues.

Examine Your Electrical Panel

All adults should know where your circuit panel is located, and everything should be labeled appropriately and working.

Inspect your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Change out the batteries in all your alarms, and be sure to run a test to make sure they’re running correctly.

Trim Your Trees

In a winter storm, extended tree limbs can lead to downed power lines. Contact your local electric service provider, who can assist with trimming limbs near energized lines.

Use Your Surge Protectors

Each of your appliances should be plugged into a proper surge protector. Ask our team at GAC Services about how whole-home surge protection can give you peace of mind in facing this year’s winter storms.

Tune Up Your Furnace or Heat Pump

Your heating system needs regular maintenance to function correctly and prevent breakdowns. GAC Services’s HVAC technicians can provide a furnace or heat pump tune-up so you’re ready for whatever the winter will bring.

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