Hybrid Heating Installation in Maryland

If you’re looking for an energy efficient method to heat your Maryland home, then consider installing a hybrid heating system from GAC Services. Not only will you maximize comfort levels throughout your household, but you can simultaneously conserve energy and save money! Your hybrid heating system—sometimes called a “dual fuel heat pump”—warms your home using two heating systems, an electric heat pump and a backup furnace, and will effectively heat your home during milder winter days and when temperatures drop below freezing!

Don’t waste money on less-efficient cooling methods this year—install a hybrid heating system from GAC Services! If you’re interested in installing one of the most energy efficient heating systems currently available on the market, give us a call—(240) 233-8498!

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How Does a Hybrid Heating System Work?

A hybrid heating system an energy efficient heating alternative to a traditional forced air system that will automatically control which unit supplies heat to your Maryland home. When outdoor temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), an electric heat pump will heat your home by extracting heat from the outdoor air and pushing it indoors. Then, when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, your hybrid heating system automatically switch to a backup furnace to more efficiently heat your home.

How Does a Hybrid Heat Pump Benefit My Home?

There are many benefits to installing a hybrid heating system. They are:

  • Easy to install – At GAC Services, we have over 40 years of experience installing a variety of heating systems throughout Frederick County and Montgomery County, MD. There’s no installation our licensed HVAC technicians can’t handle.
  • Energy efficient – Because a hybrid heating system has the ability to switch between multiple sources of heat, you’ll save money by not relying on unpredictable fuel prices.
  • Environmentally friendly – Since an electric heat pump is used in conjunction with a backup furnace, hybrid heating systems have a smaller carbon footprint than other traditional heating methods.
  • Long lasting – The typical lifespan of a furnace is 10 – 15 years, while the average lifespan of a heat pump is 12 – 16 years. However, since a hybrid heating system switches between the two systems, the heating equipment in your Maryland home can last much longer than a single-unit heating system.

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If you want to maximize your home’s heating system, call GAC Services today. Our heating experts are trained and licensed to answer your any of your heating questions and equipped with the tools and skills for any HVAC job. So, stop spending and start saving—install a hybrid heating system from GAC Services!

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