Furnace, Heat Pump, and Hybrid Heating System Maintenance Potomac

Your heating system is a big investment, so you hope it will last for well over a decade. You also hope it will run as efficiently as possible and keep your Potomac home cozy through 25 degree nights. The best way to ensure that your heater lives up to these expectations is to keep it healthy with regular maintenance.

Protect your investment with heating maintenance from GAC Services. Our HVAC technicians are factory-trained, NATE-certified, and familiar with all makes and models of heating systems. They’ll thoroughly inspect your furnace or heat pump and clean, lubricate, and calibrate it for maximum performance. They’ll also catch any small issues before they can become expensive problems.

Your heating system should undergo a full tune-up once a year—generally in the fall before heating season begins. Contact GAC Services to schedule heating system maintenance in Potomac today! You can also reach us at (240) 233-8498.

Why Is Heating Maintenance Necessary?

Over time, your furnace or heat pump can wear down. Parts will shift out of alignment, lubrication will wear off, filters will get dirty, and some parts may need repair or replacement. Regular maintenance can correct these small issues and tune up your heater so that it keeps running well. If neglected, these issues will eventually worsen, and your heater will have to work harder and harder to do its job. Eventually, it will stop working well or will break down entirely. Routine maintenance extends the life of your heating systems and keeps it running at maximum efficiency, resulting in a comfortable home for you and energy savings for your wallet.

Potomac Furnace Maintenance

All furnaces —gas, oil, or variable speed— benefit greatly from routine maintenance. Our trusted heating technicians will perform a comprehensive maintenance checklist to ensure that your furnace is in top shape. During a maintenance call, our NATE-certified professionals will check the following parts:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Ductwork
  • Air filters
  • Burners
  • Fan switch
  • Pilot and pilot assembly
  • Safety controls
  • Fuel connections
  • And more

Schedule furnace maintenance in Potomac from GAC Services today!

Heat Pump Maintenance in Potomac

Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, a heat pump moves heat from outside into your home. This becomes more difficult when temperatures drop below freezing, so your heat pump needs to be working at maximum efficiency during winters in Potomac. During a heat pump maintenance check, our heating experts will:

  • Inspect ductwork
  • Inspect and replace or clean air filters
  • Inspect the blower
  • Inspect and clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Lubricate motors
  • Tighten belts as needed
  • And more

Hybrid Heating System Maintenance in Potomac

A hybrid heating system is the best of both worlds. It uses a heat pump to move heat into your home, the switches to a furnace when temperatures drop below freezing and heat transfer becomes more difficult. This allows you to enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump with the powerful heating of a furnace. Since this heating system is essentially two systems in one, maintenance is doubly important! Our skilled technicians will perform all needed checks on both components and leave your hybrid heating system running as smoothly as possible.

HVAC Maintenance Plan for Potomac Residents

Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment saves you money in the long run, but you can save even more by joining our Prime Maintenance Membership! This affordable maintenance plan includes an annual tune up for both your air conditioner and your heating system. Becoming a prime member also entitles you to numerous benefits, including a 20% discount off the bottom line for our heating and cooling services and 10% off all electrical services. You won’t even have to remember to schedule your seasonal maintenance; we reach out to you to arrange your tune-ups when it’s time!

Contact us online or call our technicians at (240) 233-8498 to join GAC Services Prime Maintenance today!

The GAC Services Difference

At GAC Services, everything we do is driven by the all-important question: “What do our customers want?” We work from there to develop products, services, and practices that will guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers.


The GAC Services difference is achieved by our commitment to excellence and our absolute focus on customer needs. That means that we always recommend what’s best for you, even if it means less profit for us. We want to make you a customer for life, so we’ll always be honest and strive to exceed your expectations. Getting maintenance on the heating system in your Potomac home is the best way for you to stay comfortable, save money on repairs, and enjoy extra years of high quality heat.

For heating maintenance in Potomac, contact us online or give us a call at (240) 233-8498. We offer an affordable maintenance plan to save you money and keep your heater running all winter long!

We’re looking forward to serving you and hopefully making you a customer for life!


Join GAC's Prime Maintenance Membership

  • High-performance seasonal tune-ups
  • 20% discount on heating and cooling services
  • 10% off electrical repairs
  • Emergency service
  • Reduced diagnostic fee
  • And more!

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A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the priority maintenance services offered by GAC Services.

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