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You depend upon the multiple circuit breakers in your breaker box (also called an electrical panel) to prevent household electrical overloads and fires. If you live in an older home here in the Montgomery or Frederick County areas, or you’re adding additional electrical devices/appliances to your home, you may encounter circuit breaker problems. In this situation, Maryland homeowners often find that the current breaker system isn’t up to the task of safely powering your household electrical grid.

Your Circuit Breaker: How It Should Work

Your home’s electrical circuits are designed to “break” or “trip” in order to save your connected appliances, microwaves, computers, TVs and more, from being damaged (or catching fire) due to spikes in the electrical supply. Although, in normal situations, you simply flip the breaker back on if it trips, there are times when this recurs frequently. That’s a sign you should consider circuit breaker replacement.

The Proper Way to Reset a Breaker

  • Turn off all electrical devices on the affected circuit.
  • Locate your breaker box (typically found in your garage, basement or near the furnace and/or hot water heater).
  • Look for the tripped circuit breaker. (It will be flipped into the “off” position or sitting in the middle, between “on” and “off.”  If you have a relatively new electric panel, you may see a red indicator near the tripped switch.)
  • Reset the tripped breaker by firmly pushing the switch all the way to “off,” and back up to “on.” (You should hear the switch click into position.)

Do You Need Circuit Breaker Replacement in Montgomery or Frederick County?

When you experience the following warning signs in your home, make a call to the local electrical experts at GAC Services:

  • Frequent need to reset the circuit breaker
  • Burning odor coming from your breaker
  • Hot breaker (the breaker switch or electrical panel actually feels hot when touched)
  • Frayed wires or blackened, burnt metal visible on the breaker panel
  • Sounds, like buzzing and popping, from the breaker

If your breaker box shows any of these malfunctions, there’s a chance of electrical shock, which could be fatal. In other cases, you may experience electrical arcing and sparking, or a short or ground fault, which could cause an electrical fire. Don’t take risks with your life or property—call GAC right away. 

What Causes Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping?

You probably have an overloaded circuit. You may have several energy-intensive appliances or devices running through the same breaker in your electrical panel. This can be the case even if you have the heavy energy users plugged into separate wall sockets. High energy users include:

  • Blow dryers
  • TVs
  • Space heaters
  • Microwaves
  • And more

The only DIY fix safe enough for you to try is moving one of the appliances to another outlet on a different electrical circuit. Plug the item into a wall outlet on the other side of the room or in another room.

Sources of Circuit Breaker Problems

We often trace the source of household electrical problems to:

  • Defective or under-sized circuit breaker or wire.
  • Loose breaker or connection.
  • Weak compressor or capacitor.
  • Double-tapped breakers, if your breaker was only intended for one wire per terminal (screw) in the electrical panel.

For circuit breaker replacement (or even repair) in the Gaithersburg or Frederick areas, call GAC Services now. 

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