In compliance with the upcoming phase out of R-22, many homeowners are now seeking replacements and upgrades for home cooling systems. If you live in Howard, Frederick, or Montgomery County, GAC Services can provide the upgrade and replacement services you need.

Our certified HVAC specialists have been meeting the cooling needs of home and business owners in Maryland for decades. We’re equipped with the tools, training, and knowledge needed to ensure your upgrades are done right, done fast, and done in the way that suits your needs best!

The 2020 phase out deadline is drawing closer every day. Contact GAC Services online to find your best solution for your home!

What Is the R-22 Phase Out?

R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice for home and business HVAC systems for decades. But long standing studies have shown R-22 to be exceptionally dangerous to our environment, doing irreparable harm to the ozone, ecosystems, and even humans themselves. In response, a phase out was initiated in order to reduce and eventually remove the use in modern cooling systems.

In its place, safer, more reliable options have been selected, including R-410a among other refrigerants. Essentially where you’re concerned, the phase out means that R-22 is going to get more expensive, and more scarce, as time goes on, until it’s eventually completely unavailable. That means replacing now is your best bet to gain a safer, more reliable, and more cost-efficient cooling system. And that’s why GAC Services is here to help!

HVAC System Upgrades in Gaithersburg

If you currently use a cooling system, be it central air or heat pump, that was manufactured in 2005 or earlier, it is very likely that your system uses R-22 refrigerant. While retrofitting may be a possible, though less viable, option, upgrading stands to provide you with the most benefits overall.

The ac installation specialists at GAC Services have the experience and training needed to help you select the ideal cooling system upgrade for your home, offering leading solutions from top-class manufacturers. As a Bryant Certified Dealer, GAC Services carries the best in the business, offering you ideal system upgrades just in time for the 2020 deadline.

The Benefits of Upgrading from R-22

Why upgrade now rather than wait? The benefits speak for themselves!

  • Now cooling systems are more efficient. An HVAC system that still relies on R-22 is old news, meaning it is far, far less efficient than modern cooling systems. A new Bryant system upgrade will bring you crisp, even cooling when you need it most.
  • Lower cooling costs. Not only do you stand to get better cooling, you stand to pay less to get it! Higher efficiency means lower costs, which is a huge boon when the Maryland summer season hits.
  • Fewer repairs needed. As your system ages, you’ll find yourself needing repairs more and more often. An upgrade can cut those high repair costs down outright.
  • Lower maintenance costs. As we draw nearer to the phase out deadline, R-22 is skyrocketing in price, meaning recharges and leak repair is becoming astronomical simply due to the cost of the product needed. Don’t get caught with a crazy repair bill-upgrade now!

R-22 Phase Out System Upgrades in Maryland

Are you ready to upgrade your system before it’s too late? Contact GAC Services online today to learn more, or to set a date for your consultation! With our service professionals on your side, you’re guaranteed a better cooling solution that will ensure you’re well prepared for the 2020 deadline.

Our Cooling System Replacement Process

Before removing your old unit or installing a new one, our HVAC technicians will diligently inspect your entire heating and cooling system to recommend the best make and model to meet your cooling needs. This includes inspections of your:

  • Outdoor AC unit – We want to see what shape your current cooling system is in, including the outdoor unit.
  • Furnace – Why do we need to check out your furnace? A central air conditioning system uses the furnace’s blower to push air through your home’s ductwork, ensuring maximum comfort throughout your home.
  • Ductwork – Wrongly sized or improperly installed ductwork can lead to a less efficient cooling system. Holes or gaps in your ductwork can cause air to escape your ductwork before it reaches its destination, making your system run longer and decrease efficiency.

Why Call GAC Services?

Our team of licensed technicians are friendly, honest, and professional. Installing an efficient air conditioner, improving your in-home comfort, and improving the reliability of your cooling system are our highest priority. We want you to be comfortable with our team and deliver the best service around. We always clean up after ourselves and will leave your home in the exact condition as when we arrived for your installation. We’ll even remove and dispose of your current air conditioner for you!

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