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Is It Easy to Replace Outlets with USB Ports?

Access to electrical power has become pretty much absolutely necessary to carry out even the simplest daily tasks. Until recently your outlets did the job well enough, but it’s 2017, and things have changed. Now our homes are inundated with laptops, phones, tablets, wearables, and more, and it feels like juggling your current access to USB plug-ins is severely limited. Looking to remedy the issue with USB-fitted outlets? Find out just how easy it is with the experts at GAC Services!

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What Are USB Outlets?

Almost exactly what they sound like they are! Typically your plugging in and charging up is limited to the use of adapters, or maybe a spot or two on your PC. USB outlets are simply a smarter, easier, and less obnoxious way to get the access you need. These outlets add on USB ports to existing outlets, settling into the face of the outlet just like your current grounded plugs do.

Do USB Outlets Still Have Normal Outlets?

They sure do. USB port outlets are designed to add functionality, not swap it around. With a USB outlet installation you’ll retain all of the electrical access you had before, just with the advantage of two USB ports slotted in. No more losing adapters, no more taking up space on your computer—just easy access for all of your devices.

How Easy Is USB Outlet Installation?

For a trained and certified electrician the job is a snap. It does take some electrical knowledge since the job necessitates the removal and rewiring of the outlet box, so it certainly doesn’t belong on any DIY lists. But the project is a super easy one, and replacing your existing outlets takes very little time as far as electrical services go. It does, of course, depend on exactly how many outlets you’re looking to upgrade. One or two takes no time at all, but if you’re trying to retrofit the whole home, it’ll take a wee bit longer.

The most common places to install USB outlets include:

  • Kitchens, especially above counter outlets
  • Living rooms or bedrooms where you would normally plug up phones or tablets
  • Restrooms where USB accessories are used frequently
  • Areas of the home that need outlet upgrades (If you need to update, why not pick the most modern option?)

Simple Outlet Installation and USB Port Additions in Maryland

Looking for electricians in Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County to upgrade the outlets in your Maryland home? Our team can provide the skilled service you need, giving you USB-fitted outlets in no time. Contact GAC Services today to get started! We’re dedicated to offering the best in the business for our clients, and we would love to help you give your home an access boost.

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