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Electrical Upgrade Trends in 2017

Every single year homes see numerous of advancements in electrical tech and appliances. Homes are getting smarter, and so are consumers, meaning you have access to loads of excellent optimizations and upgrades. Looking for the hottest trends in electrical for your home this year? The certified electricians at GAC Services are here to help you out.

Ready to update and upgrade your home’s electrical systems, or looking for some cool new quality of life upgrades? Contact the specialists at GAC Services today!

Upgrades to Look Forward to This Year

Thus far 2017 is seeing much the same as the past few years as far as electrical applications are concerned. Smart tech is getting smarter, aesthetics like lighting and functional appliances are more popular than ever. But there’s even more good news—it’s all getting stronger and more affordable at the same time!

Tech is hitting a high point and many more “niche” projects are much more widespread. Let’s look at some of the biggest upgrades we plan on seeing.

Lighting Has a Bright Future

Lighting is playing a bigger and bigger role in modern homes. It serves an aesthetic purpose as well as a functional one, and since they’re so popular product costs are going down. The most popular projects include:

  • Recessed lighting. Recessed and under cabinet lighting are huge boons in kitchen and bathroom spaces, brightening things up while also adding some quality task lighting. These types are being incorporated in remodeling and add ons more than ever.
  • Focused track lighting. Focused track lighting offers a unique method of getting gorgeous light to illuminate your favorite parts of your home. Got some fine art, or a particularly fond family portrait? Track lighting is just the thing.
  • LED lighting conversions. Switching away from fluorescent light has become huge ever since LED went mainstream. LED home lighting is energy-efficient (up to a tenth less watts used for the same amount of light) and can help you cut costs in a big way. Not to mention that outlast other light types by years.

Outlets Are Getting a Power-Up

Grounded outlets have been the mainstay since the sixties, but it’s about time they get a facelift. Computers, phones, audio devices, even some tools are all using USB ports to charge up for use, and that means your outlets should reflect that change in dynamic. USB outlet installation is a great way to ensure you have all of the access to reliable power you need, and removes the annoying need to find a port. It’s all about access and convenience!

Capacities Are Getting Bigger

It feels like every single year brings us a new tool or appliance to add to the home. But your home’s access to electrical power is not infinite! Your circuit breaker panel and electrical access have to be updated on a somewhat routine basis to avoid complications like breaker tripping and flickering power. How long has it been since your last heavy-up? Ten, 15, 20 years? If so you might consider updating to accommodate all of your neat upgrades.

Electrical Projects and Upgrades in Maryland with GAC Services

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